“Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller is Going to be Replaced by Cheryl Burke? Reality TV Star Weighs in on Rumors


Could it be true?
Reality TV star Abby Lee Miller from “Dance Moms” provides her thoughts on her possible replacement after her shocking announcement that she is leaving the Lifetime show.
Miller sat down with People magazine for an interview in which she spoke of her sudden reveal that she is leaving “Dance Moms,” which she conducted through a lengthy Instagram post. Quick to call out the producers of the show, the reality star cited her reasons for leaving is because she is tired of being “manipulated and disrespected” by them.
With Miller leaving the show, rumors have surfaced that Cheryl Burke will be replacing her on “Dance Moms.” In regards to the rumors, Miller neither confirmed nor denied it but she did mention that if Burke were to take over, Burke would be treated a lot better than how she is treated. Or at least in the beginning they will be.

Miller goes on to state that after six or so years of filming for the show, Burke will eventually be treated “like dirt” too.
Miller stated that she’s only met the “Dancing With The Stars” star only once and that she is training.
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Meanwhile, Burke has not addressed the rumors of her joining “Dance Moms” yet. Though she did share a rather vague Instagram post in which she captioned the photo mentioning that she is returning to do some dance work.
It shouldn’t be too long before fans of the show will find out if the rumors are true or not!

Country Star Miranda Lambert Knows How To Bring In The Crowd, Sells Out In Ashwaubenon


Heartbreak doesn’t always end in just bad hurt, rather it can be the source of good music. And nobody knows this better than Miranda Lambert! But not only does her inspiration comes from real life, but she also credits yoga, healthy eating, good sleep and drinking lots of water to allow her to have the energy to create hit songs.

Country star Miranda Lambert brought down the house at the Resch Center in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin for one of her stops on her Highway Vagabond Tour. Her 85-minute long concert was sold out as country music fans filled the arena to listen to a great setlist from the singer, some which included some surprising breakup songs.

Lambert opened the show with her song “Kerosene” from her debut album. The song is about revenge, and given what went down with her and Blake Shelton, it couldn’t be more fitting as she sang the piece while strutting high and proud across the stage.
With all the sass she was channeling, it is no wonder that the song was the door opener for her country music career so many years ago.
Ending the night however, Lambert decided on “Tin Man” where she graced the stage alone with just her mic and her acoustic guitar.

Singing “The Wizard of Oz” character inspired song, Lambert’s emotions flows through as she belts out the lyrics. In which a verse of the song states how if you ever had a broken heart, you’d wish you never had one.
The heartbreak song hushed the crowd that filled all 7,535 seats in the area even though the audience was loud and excited as they sang along to “Gunpowder & Lead.”
Before jumping into “Tin Man,” Lambert introduce the piece as a song that she composed while was feeling down and in a really dark place. But despite what you think, Lambert’s dark period only made her stronger.

Some other songs Lambert included in her show’s setlist include: “Highway Vagabond” from her latest album “Weight of These Wings,” “Vice,” her classic “The House That Built Me,” “Ugly Lights,”  
“We Should Be Friends,” and “Little Red Wagon.”

“The Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Impresses At Horseback Riding Competition


Bringing their A-game, The Big Bang Theory’s actress Kaley Cuoco and her horse, Escarlata, showed everyone what they got in their latest horse show competition.
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The actress and equestrian shared with her fans that she and Escarlata recently attended a competition and partook in the 1.35 classic off the circuit category on Instagram. Cuoco posted a photo of her sitting on top of Escarlata, a beautiful brown mare, as she gives the horse a living embrace. In the photo’s captions, the star praises the horse’s performance, calling it “perfection”.
Prior to competing in the competition show, Cuoco posted a photo of her and another one of her horses, Benji, for fans to see.
For fans who are unaware of Cuoco’s equestrian side, the actress has been competing in many horse shows for the last couple years. She is not only widely popular for bringing to life Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but her riding skills has also received recognition as an equestrian.
Although Cuoco loves her horses and is passionate in the sport, there was a time when she could not ride. After falling off her horse in 2010 during a riding lesson, the star broke her ankle.

After her horrible fall, Cuoco was rushed to the hospital where the doctors informed the actress that they may have to amputate her leg. Appearing on the Ellen Show, Cuoco reflected on the accident and shared how she was already hysterical when the doctors revealed that one of the options she had to think about was amputation. The star goes on to say that when she found out, all she thought about how she was going to have to call her work and tell them that she’s coming in with one foot. Luckily the star is okay and did not have to resort to such drastic measures.

Cuoco also mentions how the doctors shared with her the worst case scenario because they thought that an infection had spread in her foot so when she wakes up from her surgery, she might find herself with only one foot. Like going into surgery was not scary enough!
Looks like the scary incident did not scare Cuoco from getting on a horse again because she’s got some major horse riding skills and talent!

Miranda Lambert Performs at the Xcel, Fans Missing Her Softer Side


There probably isn’t anyone who does not agree that Miranda Lambert has been through a rough patch after what happened to her and Blake Shelton back in 2015. But rather than letting the media get what they want, Lambert remained quiet about the ordeal.

Instead, she worked hard to produce an impressive album, “The Weight of These Wings” for her fans before going on tour. The singer has come back stronger than ever.
Being on the road is a topic that Miranda often mentions in her songs. Unlike so many of her fellow country singers, like ex-husband Shelton and popular singer Carrie Underwood, Lambert has remained true to her music and style rather than falling into the grasps of mainstream country influences.

Lambert’s latest stop on her “Highway Vagabond Tour” was Xcel Center where she brought the crowds to their feet to dance and sing along with hits like “Kerosene.” The story the country star told through her show was about a badass, hard-drinking country girl who knows how to survive hardships and struggles when everything else around her goes wrong.
The audience not only got to see Lambert’s strong and survivor persona, but they also got the see the more vulnerable and soft side of Lambert through songs like “The House That Built Me”, “Over You”, and “Vice.”

Fans got a sneak peak of her personal feelings and situation after her split with Blake Shelton in the song “Ugly Lights”, that depict the story of her lonely nights sitting and drinking at the bar.
For some fans however, they didn’t feel connected to the singer compared to her previous stops. But that didn’t stop the crowd from dancing, drinking, and singing away the night. Hopefully, fans will be able to see more of Lambert’s spontaneity in next time’s show.

A New Muppet Is Joining “Sesame Street” And Her Name Is Julia And She Has Autism


A new Muppet is coming to the beloved classic kid’s show “Sesame Street”. This marks the first time a brand new Muppet will be joining the cast in a decade.

The newest Muppet addition is Julia, a shy four-year-old with contrasting red hair and green eyes. As for her hobbies, she enjoys painting and picking flowers in her free time. Viewers might notice that when Julia speaks, she echoes what her friends Abby and Elmo say. The newest Muppet has autism.
Veteran puppeteer, Stacy Gordon, who will be bringing the Muppet to life states that she understands that a lot of people are like Julia because they have autism. So with her new role, Gordon wants to bring Julia “to the heart.”
By bringing Julia onboard, the show hopes to raise awareness to autism by explaining her differences and hidden talents to the other Muppets and in doing so informing the younger viewers.

As explained by Abby Cadabby during the recent visit to the Astoria neighbourhood, it can be hard for others to gain Julia’s attention, as Big Bird has some difficulty getting her to listen to him so he had to repeat himself a few times. Julia is also extraordinary as she is able to see things others cannot.
Not only does the show believe it is a good thing to introduce Julia to the show, but the parents of autistic children have also stated how important and vital the show is for their young children.

See Julia make her debut on “Sesame Street” on the episode to air on April 10 as she becomes one of the gang members with Elmo, Big Bird, and others!

Scarlett Johansson to Divorce From Romain Dauriac

Following a couple of months after the pair have split, things have been made official as Scarlett Johansson has filed for divorce.
After Johansson was married to journalist Romain Dauriac for two years, the actress has declared that their relationship is beyond repair and looks to sue Dauriac for custody of their daughter Rose.

According to the attorney of Dauriac, it is a battle that he’s not looking to give up anytime soon, going on to say that “Romaine wishes to move back to France and plans on taking his daughter Rose with him.”
Johansson and Dauriac wed back in 2014 after they welcomed their daughter Rose into the world.

This isn’t the first time the Hollywood celebrity has filed for divorce, as previously she was married to actor Ryan Reynolds for a brief period. The pair split in 2011.

Miranda Lambert Introduces MuttNation’s New Doggie Line Products


Country music fans probably know by now that Miranda Lambert is an animal lover who loves helping pets in need, hence why she co-founded the animal charity MuttNation with her mother.

The goal of MuttNation is to help pets in shelters find the right loving home and family to go to, as well as end animal cruelty and neglect. Now fans can help Lambert and her great cause out in a new and different – way by shopping for their own pets at home!
Partnering with PetMate, Lambert has created a new line of pet items like bedding, apparel, toys, and collars and leashes that have been inspired by the star’s own country-chic style. So fans can find a touch of Lambert in every item, for example there’s a guitar-shaped treat-dispensing product, cow print bedding and denim bandana neckerchief. How cute do those all sound?

According to the popular country singer, MuttNation is “a dream come true” for it represents her and her mother’s love for animals as work towards their goal of helping every dog and cat in need find loving homes. The star also shares that she is thrilled to have MuttNation partner up with Petmate, a “trusting and committed partner” who shares the same vision as them. She feels proud that through MuttNation, she is raising awareness to the benefits of saving a shelter pet through adoption.
One of the main features of the now available products is a line of plush toys for dogs that are modeled after the puppies who have been rescued. Fans will be able to even purchase Delilah, Lambert’s own dog.

All purchases from MuttNation Fueled by Miranda Lambert will go towards the rescue and adoption efforts of the organization.

Kaley Cuoco And Who Will Be Having An ‘8 Simple Rules’ Reunion On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ This Fall?


Widely popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” just made an awesome casting to join the main crew for an epic episode coming to fans this fall!

Announced at the San Diego Comic Con, the TV show’s panel revealed that they have casted Penny’s mother for a future episode.
Executive producer, Steven Molaro, shared with the audience at the San Diego Comic Con that Katey Sagal has been given the role of Penny’s mother. Looks like an ‘8 Simple Rules’ reunion is happening!
Cuoco and Sagal were previously co-starred on the show ‘8 Simple Rules.’ The two played the roles of mother and daughter on the show from 2002 to 2005.

Sagal will be appearing in the first episode of the upcoming ‘Big Bang’ season this fall. That’s not all though, fans will also be meeting Penny’s brother! Present with the rest of the panel was Jack McBrayer, who helped make the announcement.
Penny’s backstory has so far remained a mystery, though we have been introduced to the characters father for two episodes before, in which Keith Carradine played the role. Here’s hope to learning more about Penny as her family makes an appearance! Maybe we will finally learn her last name.

Do you agree that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ made the perfect choice to cast Sagal? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!
Catch the new season on the show when it returns on September 19.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner No Longer Divorcing?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer have called off their divorce and gotten back together.
According to multiple sources close to the couple, they want to give it another try, and Garner was the one to initiate things. “Jennifer made the decision to try again, she doesn’t want a divorce to happen. They want things to work out,” revealed the source.

When talking to another source close to the couple, they had revealed that they equally wanted to get back together. “They’re in love more than ever, and really want things to work out. They want to be a family again with their kids.”
It was back in 2015 when the couple had announced their split after a decade of marriage. Although they had decided to separate, the two still remained close for the sake of their children. Things remained relatively the same, as the family would still vacation together and live in the same vicinity.

No confirmation has been given yet by the couple.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Health: Drink More Water

Improving your health shouldn’t be a challenge, instead of trying to tackle on huge hurdles at a time, why not make smaller steps towards goals in the long run?
Something as small as drinking more water daily isn’t too big of a task, so look at these benefits of drinking water as a way to a better, healthier lifestyle.

Water is a Great Way to Flush Your System

By re-hydrating your body with water, it helps to flush out all the waste and toxicity produced within your body everyday.
When you’re re-hydrated, your body is easier able to ingest more nutrients and vitamins, making everything you eat more effective.

Stay Looking Youthful

It has been estimated that the human body is composed around 60% of water, so when you’re dehydrated it can be reflected in the way your skin looks. When fully hydrated your body functions at a much better state, and your skin has the tendency to glow more.
So if you’re looking at an easier and much better cost effective way of maintaining your youth, drink more water!

Boost Your Brain Power

They say that the brain is composed 75% of water, so it has been concluded that the brain functions at a higher capacity when fully hydrated. Research has shown that with the water levels in the body dropping as low as 5% has the ability to mess with the bodies ability to properly flow blood.