The KKK Officially Endorses Donald Trump As President


All those right wing Donald Trump supporters now officially have something in common with the KKK. In a surprise to literally no one, the Ku Klux Klan endorsed the Presidential candidate on the front page of the official paper, The Crusader, on Tuesday morning. Using Trump’s fear-mongering slogan “Make America Great Again” as their headline, the problematic publication backed the racist Republican in a feature all about white supremacy by Pastor Thomas Robb.

“‘Make America Great Again!’ It is a slogan that has been repeatedly used by Donald Trump in his campaign for the presidency. You can see it on the shirts, buttons, posters, and ball caps… But can it happen? Can America really be great again? This is what we will soon find out!
While Trump wants to make America great again, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What made America great in the first place?’ The short answer to that is simple. America was great not because of what our forefathers did — but because of who our forefathers were.
America was founded as a White Christian Republic. And as a White Christian Republic it became great.”

According to the publication, the Klan wants Donald in office to be able to help them lead a movement against “white genocide,” writing:

Fortunately, Donald’s spokesperson addressed the issue by promptly rejecting the endorsement stating:
“Mr. Trump and the campaign denounces hate in any form. This publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of millions of Americans who are uniting behind our campaign.”

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Will Stop Internet Trolls


Trolling has become a second identity of the Internet. From Twitter trolls to Disqus warriors, online harassment is becoming so strong that it’s driving people offline, or worse, silencing their voices. Repressive governments, political campaigns, and just about anyone is using internet to prove their points, regardless of what the price. “Mass harassment online has proved so powerful that it’s emerging as a weapon of repressive authorities,” Andy Greenberg of Wired noted.

Now Google is using artificial intelligence to eventually kill this troll-monster. Jigsaw, a small Google subsidiary company, is releasing some tools called Conversation AI. The group has designed this software to automatically spot abuse and harassment and block vitriolic content. It is going to give the abusive language an assault score with 100 indicating the exceptionally harmful content.

Jigsaw engineers say the accuracy of Conversation AI is far better than any keyword filter and quicker than human moderators. But, in addition they have to work on false positives and tread through the puzzles of free speech. Google says that technology has a 92% conviction and a 10% false positive rate, which will continue to improve as time passes.

Conversation AI will automatically flag abuses, scold harassers, as well as auto-delete toxic language.
The group partnered with The New York Times, which gave access to 17 million comments from its stories. Jigsaw also worked with the Wikimedia Foundation to help its algorithm understand the difference between harmless banter and harassment.

The software is inspired by the League of Legends that began using machine learning to prohibit players who participated in sexist or abusive dialogs. Reports imply that 92 percent of players changed their behavior after seeing automated warnings. Jigsaw wants to do something similar for the wider internet “to level the playing field.”

The technology will be open source to help social media platforms and other websites to catch abusive content before it even hurts the intended target.

Victims have long been asking the businesses to create ways to pull back on the reigns of on-line harassment. However, depending on users to flag abuse to be reviewed by staffers has failed to prove viable. If Jigsaw engineers make it work without potentially impacting the gray areas of speech, Google’s Conversation AI might help to finally end the era of trolls.

Lady Gaga Will Be Headlining The Super Bowl Halftime Show


Get ready, little creatures, Lady Gaga is set to headline this season’s Super Bowl halftime show.
The performer made the announcement Thursday on Twitter.
“It’s not an illusion. The rumors are true,” the tweet read. “This year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA.”
Lady Gaga performed a memorable rendition of the national anthem during Super Bowl 50 earlier this season. Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars headlined the halftime show.
Based on a report from Billboard, Gaga’s well-received national anthem performance was a determining factor in her selection for the Super Bowl 51 halftime show on Feb. 5, 2017, at Houston’s NRG Stadium.
The Super Bowl halftime show is “the most-viewed musical occasion of the year,” the NFL said in its announcement of Lady Gaga. More than 116.5 million spectators in the U.S. saw last season’s show.
Lady Gaga’s newest album, “Joanne,” is set to be released Oct. 21.

Paris Hilton Adds Teeny New Dog To Pet Collection


It’s Paris Hilton’s new addition to her pooch family – and it’s the cutest, tiniest thing that’s ever existed.

Paris introduced this tiny little black-and-brown teacup Chihuahua to the world on Instagram yesterday, captioning a ridiculously cute pic with: “Meet the newest member to the @HiltonPets family. What should I name this lil cutie?”

Meet the newest member to the @HiltonPets family. 😍 What should I name this lil cutie?

A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

Paris is reported to have spent $8000 on the new pup, who she’s now torn between naming DiamondBaby or LoveBug – and has requested fans on social media to help her decide.

Last year Paris mourned the passing of her love Tinkerbell , her famed and faithful doggy comrade who expired in April, aged 15.

Paris has been Instagramming and Snapchatting her new puppy since she got it – of course you just would, with a face like that – and reveals no signs of quitting.

She Instagrammed a video of the pup sitting on a shoe, which was at least four times its own size.

Here’s How to Make the Creamiest Hummus Ever


If it strikes you as a little weird that hummus received top billing as our 2015 Dish of the Year, then, well, you haven’t had chef Michael Solomonov’s. The incredibly rich, ineffably smooth version that he dishes up at Dizengoff, his bustling Philadelphia hummusiya, couldn’t possibly be more different from the paste you scoop out of the plastic tub with baby carrots when there’s nothing else in the house to eat. It’s light. It’s creamy. It’s deeply, deeply satisfying. And the great news is that, if you don’t happen to live in the Philadelphia area, we’ve got his recipe for the dreamiest, most delicious at-home hummus you’ve ever made.
But what’s the secret behind Solomonov’s hummus, anyways? When we were testing the recipe from his forthcoming cookbook Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking—which is full of all kinds of mouthwatering modern Israeli goodness—we were struck by a few shockingly simple keys to his dreamy spread.
download (8)
The first trick to chickpea-and-tahini perfection has been hiding in our pantry the whole damn time: baking soda. Solomonov adds a tiny bit of the stuff to the chickpea-soaking liquid, and then again to the pot he boils the beans in, which raises the pH of the water and helps the little guys break down to a soft, pulpy mass—not ideal for, say, a bean salad, but perfect for an ultra-smooth purée. You know how the hummus you made in college was all weird and grainy? Right. Baking soda.
The other secret to the chef’s standout spread? Good tahini, and lots of it. Some hummus recipes out there downplay it, relying on olive oil for richness, but, in Solomonov’s version, sesame is the star. He whips plenty of the paste into a creamy emulsion with fresh lemon juice, garlic, and ice water before incorporating it into the cooked chickpeas for a purée that is super unctuous and addictively nutty.
And, in case you hadn’t guessed by now, quality tahini is crucial to quality hummus. The chef gets his exclusively from a small, family-owned Philadelphia-based company called Soom Foods, which sources sesame from Ethiopia and hulls, roasts, and processes the seeds to perfection in Israel. It’s rich and complex, with none of the aggressive bitterness characteristic of brands that use cheaper South American sesame. It’s available online, but in a pinch we also really like the Whole Foods 365 brand tahini.
So what’re you waiting for? Boil some chickpeas (with baking soda, please!), get your hands on some good tahini, and purée your way to hummus perfection. One bite, and you’ll be ruined for the store-bought stuff forever. Sorry, not sorry.

Michelle Obama Talks White House Memories And Legacy On ‘Ellen’


On Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama joined Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious daytime talk show.

After the comedian’s warm and humorous introduction, Obama joined DeGeneres onstage and the two began dancing, much to the delight of the crowd. Over the course of the show, the First Lady opened up about what she and her family will miss most about the White House.

“It’s extremely the people. You know, think about it,” Obama said. “The girls have grown up in the White House. After all, the staff that’s there, we see them every day. These are people who have helped us raise our children. They’ve loved us, they’ve taken care of us.”


She added the family was doing their best to soak up every minute left of the presidency, though acknowledged that Malia and Sasha will likely have a “rough time” leaving.

“I’m proud of them they’ve really managed this so well,” Obama said. “I mean, I just love them to death and the big thing I’ve constantly worried about was making sure they got out of this whole. I’m just proud that they are poised, smart, intelligent young women.”

The Most Important Things We Know After NFL Week 3


Week 3 of the NFL season ― the last before the first string of byes ― is known as a defining week of football. Contenders and pretenders become far more evident, and hot quarterback play often halts with road tests. Week 3 of the 2016 season only reaffirmed this.
Here are the three most important things we learned.
The Eagles Are For Real
This shouldn’t have been much of a question mark, but after completely dominating Pittsburgh in a 34-3 rout, we can confidently call the undefeated Eagles the real deal. As we examined last week, it all starts with 23-year-old rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, who has yet to commit a single turnover while amassing a 103.8 quarterback rating ― seventh best in the league ― along with five touchdown passes. Wentz has developed an instant connection with young receivers Jordan Matthews (204 yards, 2 touchdowns) and Nelson Agholor, both of whom struggled immensely in 2015 with Sam Bradford under center. And Wentz has been buoyed by a surprising Philly defense.
After shutting down Cleveland and Chicago, the Eagles’ defense showed real promise Sunday by holding the red-hot Steelers offense to three points on 251 yards. Ben Roethlisberger, meanwhile, threw for a season-low in yardage and was held without a touchdown pass. In fact, through three games, Philly has allowed just 27 points. In other words, get used to hearing a lot more “Fly Eagles Fly” and “Wentzylvania.”
Trevor Siemian Is More Than Just A Game Manager
Siemian, drafted in the seventh round last year before nearly retiring to pursue a real estate career, is still undefeated after going on the road to Cincinnati and beating one of the league’s better defenses. And in doing so, he became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns in a road debut. To put that number in perspective, consider that his boss ― John Elway ― only did it six times throughout his Hall of Fame career.
This stuff just doesn’t happen ― not in this league, not with that lack of pedigree, and certainly not this early on in a career. But Siemian ― playing for just above the league minimum at $525,000 ― defied logic Sunday, when he led Denver to a fourth-quarter comeback, which included a gorgeous deep ball to Demaryius Thomas that iced the game. His perfect 158.3 fourth-quarter QBR says it all. Not unlike Wentz, Siemian ― attempting to guide the Broncos to a second consecutive world championship ― displayed an uncanny ability to audible out of bad plays, only to find the correct play. “He didn’t just play. He played big in the game today,” Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said.
The Pats Are Really Good
Surprise, surprise. After Jimmy Garappolo tried his best Tom Brady imitation, rookie third-rounder Jacoby Brissett performed admirably against a Houston defense we thought was pretty good. The bigger story here, though, is New England’s rare ability to game plan and scheme regardless of who’s under center. With Brady set to return in Week 5, the Patriots will only get that much better, particularly with a defense that has allowed a mere six red-zone trips in three games, according to
Credit defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, along with Jamie Collins ― a longtime favorite of mine ― who might just be the premier linebacker in pro football. We must not forget about cornerback Malcolm Butler, who has undoubtedly become one of the elite cover guys around. It’s simply a formality that Bill Belichick and company will march onto an eighth consecutive AFC East title, and 14th in 15 seasons.

Orlando Bloom Debuts New Blond Hair On Instagram


Orlando Bloom has unveiled a daring fresh hue.

Katy Perry’s boyfriend has gone from brunette to blonde and shared his new look on his newly public Instagram account.

The attractive actor, who’s currently filming the cycling mockumentary Tour de Force, was modeling on a gleaming pink bike in a navy blue suit.

“Back to blonde… rolling to set,” he captioned the snap.

It is the newest shot to delight his fans after he made his secret Instagram account public.

Orlando, who’s now dating Katy Perry, created his account all the way back in summer 2015, but kept it all to himself – and a chosen few – until earlier this week.

On Thursday, the 39-year-old posted an image of the word ‘caved’ as he opened his account to fans.

The move even pleased his ex wife Miranda Kerr who commented “nice one” underneath the picture.

back to blond…rolling to set…

A photo posted by orlandobloom (@orlandobloom) on

Noor Fares Unveils Akasha Collection

Image 3

The London-based designer has created an immersive experience to launch her new collection.
Image 3
Spiritual Journey: The London-based jewelry designer Noor Fares launched the latest installment of her “Akasha” collection, in Mayfair’s Lamb Art gallery, which will also house the brand’s first pop-up shop.
“Akasha,” which means ether in ancient Hindu and symbolizes the intangible, takes the form of a spiritual journey. Fares explored the various healing powers of stones and incorporated different geometric patterns into the jewelry derived from Hindu symbolism.
Image 4
“Spirituality has always been a personal interest, I do a lot of research, and I’m interested in stones’ different attributes within different cultures. Jewelry is something so personal that narrative becomes a key element in the collection, people almost expect it to have a deeper meaning,” said the Lebanese-born jeweler.
Multicolored stones are arranged into circular-shaped rings and pendants from the collection, which represent mandalas or sacred circles. The designer highlighted that she chose nine stones from the Indian science of healing gems, which are meant to draw the essence of the 9 planets when combined together.
Other pieces incorporate triangular-shaped white topaz stones arranged to face in opposite directions in order to represent the masculine and feminine energies. Fares pointed to a delicate gold choker featuring the triangular topaz stones as one of the most challenging pieces to create. “The stones are cut with thick girdles so they can fit into the gold like a frame,” said the designer who manufactures her collections between India and Italy.
To mark the launch of the new collection, Fares created an immersive experience in the Mayfair art gallery, whose compact rooms and raw design resembles a cave — in order to narrate the journey of the collection through a different dimension, using choreography and sound. There was a wall of flowers shaped in a circle to represent a mandala, dancers performing a tribal-themed dance, a calming soundtrack in the background created in collaboration with a landscape artist and a meditation room.
Following the launch, Fares will utilize the space in the gallery to display “Akasha” alongside items from previous collections for the brand’s first pop-up shop which will run for two weeks.
“I want to open my own store in the long-term because I think it’s important to create a world in which the collection fits, and to curate a retail space that can tell the story of the brand. The pop-up shop will be our first step,” said Fares, who is also planning to launch e-commerce next year.
“A lot of people are becoming more open to buying jewelry online, especially the younger generation, so I think its important to adapt and establish a presence online.”

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the Very Best


I have, I think, always loved cats, but I didn’t know it until I had a boyfriend who was allergic, and I realized that if things worked out between us I would never be able to have a cat of my very own. I was surprised by how sad this made me, and surprised when we broke up, so I got a cat, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
She was with me for about five years, and then last year she got a tumor and died, very suddenly, and my house has never quite been the same since. We talk so much, here on Apartment Therapy, about how to be happier at home. I still love my house, of course, and having a beautiful couch and the best rug and a nice woodburning fireplace all contribute to that, but I still think the best thing I ever did for my home was sharing it with a little furry friend. As a sort of tribute to my Chloe-Pants, here are:

10 reasons living with a cat is the very best

1. A warm kitty is like a small, furry space heater on a cold day.
2. Little paws poking under the bathroom door.
3. Finding an assortment of cat toys when you vacuum under the couch, as if your friend has left you a surprise.
4. Your cat will not judge you for having entire conversations that consist only of ‘meow’.
5. If you have a lap, you will never watch movies alone ever again.
6. Knowing that you are protected from roaches and mice and other tiny vermin.
7.Having an alarm clock that sits on your face.
8. Seeing the weird things your cat can do with its body will inspire you to go to yoga. (Okay, it may not work for you, but it worked for me.)
9. Better than watching funny cat videos on Youtube, because you have your own real, live, funny cat video.
10. You know how sometimes you come home and you’re sad and you don’t want to talk about it, but you just want someone to sit there and be with you? Cats are good at that.