Kaley Cuoco Finds New Man? Flaunts Ring on Instagram


Kaley Cuoco’s latest post on Instagram has her with a new man, while showing off some new bling, but does that mean Karl Cook is now out of the picture?

Quick to shoot down any rumors that the actress has secretly gotten married, Cuoco preemptively wrote in the caption of the recently posted video: “once again NOT my engagement ring people. PENNY IS MARRIED!” Being the social media veteran she is, she knows a thing or two about what people might say about her, before they even have a chance to say it. Here’s the video below:

Even though this is a post from Cuoco herself, she makes sure to clear the air that she’s in character as Penny in the video and not as herself. Hopefully, this shoots down any rumors that Cuoco has gotten married to boyfriend Karl Cook. But that has us left wondering, is there marriage planned for the star anytime soon?
Following up this adorable post, she posted an image with an audience member during the filming of an episode of The Big Bang Theory. In the heartfelt moment shared, she gives a mention to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, hoping to bring awareness to the organization.

Miranda Lambert Asking Fans To Unite To Help Out Local Animal Shelter


Every Miranda Lambert fan knows how much the country star adores animals.
And now the singer is calling out to fans to assist her in creating some small animal miracles for the Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary. What is she asking fans to do? Simply just bringing along some pet supplies when they come see her for her March 2nd concert at the Resch Center.
In doing so, she’s hoping her fans will help “Fill The Little Red Wagon” for animals in need. Her animal donation campaign pays reference to her song “Little Red Wagon” she released in 2015.
Fans participating in the event will be given the opportunity to win the prize of upgrading their concert ticket, as well as participate in a meet and greet with Lambert.
Items to be donated will be received in the lobby of the Resch Center between 5:30 to 6:45pm the night of the concert. At 7:00pm, the drawing will take place and the winner will be announced.
Back in 2009, Lambert along with her mother founded a nonprofit organization with the goal of “ending animal cruelty, neglect and homelessness”.
On the organization’s Facebook page, fans can find photos of overflowed “Little Red Wagons” of donations from the campaign throughout her Highway Vagabond Tour.
Seems like Lambert and fans are united in helping animals in need!

Miranda Lambert’s Admits Her First Studio Session Ended Terribly


When Miranda Lambert was just a teenager at the age of 16, she had the opportunity to hit the music studio, which seemed like the ideal dream for any aspiring musician. It was when she went in for her first actual session located in Nashville, that her dreams of music seemed to drop. Hit with a catalog of songs to try out, she felt no connection towards, she left the studio unsatisfied and returned back home.
Lambert reveals that her first time hitting the studio, things didn’t work out as she had intended. While she had intentions to be the next big star in country music, the people calling her into the studio were looking for the next big pop star.

“I was unable to relate with any of the songs presented to me, I saw no reflection of myself in any of them,” Lambert shared in an email about the events. “Fortunately, I knew early on that I had to remain true to myself, but it looks like I made the right decision.
“At the time I felt pretty stupid for walking out on my dreams, but looking back on it, that was the best thing I’ve ever done. After that, my father sat me down for a lesson in song writing. That opened my eyes to see how important it is to have my own voice in my music.”

After that, Miranda was inspired to only create music with meaning. When she signed a deal in 2003, she made the conscious decision to reduce the length of her debut album, cutting more than 10 songs off the list.
“Whenever I go to create an album, every song draws inspiration from events in my life, things that I’ve encountered personally,” shared Lambert. “It doesn’t matter whether I write the songs, or someone writes them for me. Naturally, I tend to be attracted by music that shares the same stories I’m trying to tell.

“Music is a universal language, everyone has a song that they can fully relate to. As a musician, I believe that this is everyone’s goal when they go out and create their music.
Miranda loves to go out and create music that has a deep effect on her, songs that not only she can relate to, but most importantly those who love her music.

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Was Left Speechless During Engagement

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Jenelle Evans attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

When a guy gets it right, he could leave a woman speechless with his romantic gesture.
That is exactly what happened to Jenelle Evans when she received an unforgettable proposal just days before Valentine’s Day.

It has almost been a week since the “Teen Mom” star got engaged to boyfriend David Eason and now she is revealing her thoughts about the big moment, as well as the ring that left her speechless.
Evans reveals that Eason did “an excellent job” in picking out the pear-shaped diamond with more smaller diamonds around the center of the stone. She loves everything about the chosen ring.
For Evans, she also reveals that the engagement was original to the point that Eason had left her speechless.
According to Evans, Eason took her to see the mountains randomly on the weekend. After reaching the peak of the mountain, the surprise soon followed.
Eason had asked Evans if she thought the roses on the ground were pretty before stating that they were for her.
She continues telling that she had peered over Eason’s shoulder to find MTV hiding behind the trees, something that took her by surprise since she didn’t know that MTV was supposed to be there.
That was when Eason asked the “Teen Mom” to marry him. Elated with tears, the two broke the news of their engagement on Instagram after Evans replied “yes!”
Enjoying their engagement status, Evans has revealed that for now, there is no date set for the wedding. However, she mentions how they are looking into maybe getting married this summer or the next.
Evans shares she wants to have time in order to plan for her big day, but before that can happen, they’ll need to get settled down in their new home.

Kaley Cuoco Shares With Fans Another Couple Photo With Boyfriend


Completely in love, “The Big Bang Theory” star, Kaley Cuoco, continues to share loads of photos of her and boyfriend Karl Cook.
The newest photo to join the collection of Cuoco and Cook is of the couple shopping for furniture via Instagram.
Image 1
When “The Big Bang Theory” isn’t keeping her busy, Cuoco partakes in horseback riding. She even does horseback riding at the professional level.
Just recently, Cuoco shared some posted photos on her social media accounts of her attending a equestrian event.
One of the shared photos depicts Cuoco riding a whitish horse as it makes a jump, looking all majestic and all.
This particular photo of Cuoco however captured the actress with her eyes closed while she was blinking. Finding it funny, Cuoco captioned the photo “when you fall asleep mid jump”.

Miranda Lambert Is Asking Fans To Help “Fill The Little Red Wagon”

Miranda Lambert is keeping busy focusing on her Highway Vagabond Tour but she doesn’t forget about the animals in need!
Asking fans attending her shows, Lambert wants fans to “Fill The Little Red Wagon” with pet food and supplies.
The star’s “Fill The Little Red Wagon” campaign has already come out in multiple shows, such as in Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. All donated items go to the local animal shelters helping those animals in need.

To Lambert’s pleasure, her “Little Red Wagon” have been filled with many products to the point of overflowing. Lambert of course didn’t forget to thank her fans, volunteers and communities for helping her out in her good cause.
As gratitude, Lambert is giving a lucky fan and their guest the opportunity to have a meet and greet with her before the concert.
To enter for this fantastic opportunity to get close the star, all fans need to do is drop off some pet supplies at the concert venue’s entrance the day of her show.

Country Stars Reveal Why Miranda Lambert Is A Great Artist

Have you ever wanted to ask what country stars think of other stars? Well Rare Country got the opportunity to sit down with some pretty legendary stars, such as Tanya Tucker, Collin Raye and Mark Chesnutt, to do exactly that. For this segment, the three country stars were asked about what they thought of Miranda Lambert.

For Tucker, she mentioned Miranda as being an artist that represents today’s country music. She also finds Miranda as being great and that she enjoys Lambert’s music.
Being a native Texan like Lambert, Chesnutt finds the country star’s independent spirit to be admirable.
He comments that Lambert is “her own woman”. He admires how Lambert chooses to be herself while doing her own thing rather than being told what to do and molded into what the industry wants her to be.

As for Raye, he has known Lambert ever since she was a teen singer playing in showcases all around Texas. His brother also played guitar for Lambert during the early days, and he continues to do so while touring with Lambert as a member of the bad.
Witnessing Lambert’s growth, Raye sees Lambert as “the greatest country artist”.
He also finds her songs different and how not one song sounds like another. He states that Lambert is a great singer and a great writer. He compares Lambert to being shining lights; special because “she is who she is”.

15 Strange Rolls Actors Played Before They Blew Up


We all have to start somewhere. Before an actor blows up they usually take little jobs here and there to help get recognized and make ends meet. Take a look at these big name actors before they got their breakout rolls!


  1. Ellen Pompeo in Strangers with Candy

  3. Lucy Liu on Beverly Hills, 90210 

  5. Leslie Odom Jr on Gilmore Girls

  7. Kal Penn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  9. Chris Pratt on The O.C. 

  11. Amy Adams on Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

  13. Elizabeth Banks on Sex and the City

  15. Kevin Hart on Undeclared

  17. Max Greenfield on Veronica Mars

  19. John Hamm on Gilmore Girls

  21. Jessica Alba on The Secret World of Alex Mack

  23. Sara Ramirez on Law & Order:SVU 

  25. Sandra Oh on Popular

  27. Nick Offerman on Gilmore Girls

  29. Adam Scott on Boy Meets World

Jennifer Garner Reveals Secret To Looking Effortlessly Chic


In just a couple of months, Jennifer Garner will be celebrating her 45th birthday.
Despite turning one year older, Garner still has a flawless and youthful appearance. Garner reveals that her secret to maintaining such a fresh young look is a good night’s sleep and remembering to moisturize.
Making an appearance on Tuesday in Santa Monica, Garner let her natural beauty do all the talking. The star went makeup free as she shopped with a friend, beaming all the while.
For the shopping trip, Garner looked cozy as she paired a ribbed grey sweater over a light colored plaid shirt.
3CF1BE6C00000578-0-image-a-22_1486543715219 (2)
Looking effortlessly chic, Garner wore a pair of blue wash skinny jeans while slipping on some soft looking black boots.
Going for a preppy look, Garner finishes off with a black rucksack and sunglasses as accessories.
It appears that Garner is enjoying her free time off since finishing the shooting for “The Tribes of Palos Verdes”.
The upcoming film tells of a story about a teen surfer whose parents are splitting.
The story hits pretty close to home in regards to Garner’s own relationship with Ben Affleck after the two announced they had separated back in 2015.
The two share children, Seraphina, Violet and Samuel.
Even after the split, Garner and Affleck were able to maintain a friendly relationship for their children.
Affleck has even called Garner the “best mum in the world”.

Miranda Lambert Reveals The Stories Behind Her Songs From “Weight Of The These Wings” Album


Miranda Lambert’s latest album “The Weight of These Wings” contains 24 beautiful songs fans are sure to love and sing along to when playing.
But if the country star were to go into depth about the meaning and stories behind all 24 songs all at once, it might be fairly long event.
Although Lambert doesn’t discuss her whole album, she does share the stories behind a few of her songs.
During an interview with iHeart Radio, Lambert shares with radio host Colton Bradford some of her inspiration behind three of her tracks.
The singer shares that “Runnin’ Just in Case”, something she co-wrote with Gwen Sebastian while she was on tour. She states that the song had kept her up all night and she managed to write it from Birmingham to Biloxi.
Lambert states she loves songs that manages to keep someone up at night.
A song from the latest album that have fans all singing along is “Tin Man”. It is a song she co-wrote with Jack Ingram, a Texas singer-songwriter.
Regarding the heartbreak song, Lambert reveals that “it’s pretty tough” and she wasn’t sure if people were willing to head down that direction.
As for “Smoking Jacket”, Lambert was asked if the track was about her beau, Anderson East, since the track sings about searching for a guy with a smoking jacket who is capable of loving her until it hurts.
Lambert doesn’t give a straight answer, only answering “he does smoke”.
If only we could hear what Lambert has to say for all 24 tracks!