‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake: Jennifer Grey Reveals the A-List Actors She Would Cast


Playing ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake: Jennifer Grey Reveals the A-List Celebrities She Would Cast
If it were up to Jennifer Grey, she would pick an Oscar winner to fill her leading lady character in Dirty Dancing.


Ahead of the remake of the cherished 1986 picture, the 56-year-old performer shown on Jennifer Hutt’s podcast, Just Jenny, who she would like to cast in the iconic characters. “I believe Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling,” Grey said. “Wouldn’t you like to see them? Or Channing Tatum.”
In the original film, Grey portrays Frances “Baby” Houseman, who falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) when her family spends the summer at a resort in New York’s Catskills.
Portman is a little older than Baby, who’s graduating from high school, but she did establish that she can dance in Black Swan, which earned her an Oscar. As for Gosling — who did the Dirty Dancing lift in Crazy, Stupid, Love — and Tatum, Grey has lots of reasons why they’re perfect for the remake.
“The Gos has just got something, know what I am talking about? He’s just got something. He is very mysterious,” she says, defending her casting pick. “He’s just got that crazy thing. You look at hi, and you go, ‘Oh God.'”
Grey added, “And, you know, [Gosling], he is a fantastic dancer.”
The celebrity has definitely been a devotee of Gosling since his Mickey Mouse Club days. “You must go back and look at his video with Justin Timberlake, when they were kids. … You might have to see them together singing,” she gushed.
As for why Tatum would be a great fit, “He dances, honey.”

‘Bachelorette’ Ex Josh Murray Gets Engaged On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’


On Tuesday night’s finale of Season 3 of the “Bachelor” spinoff series, we saw multiple engagements, a little heartbreak and a great deal of tears. But nothing was as gasp-worthy as Josh Murray’s marriage proposal to Amanda Stanton. The former “Bachelorette” winner, who got engaged to Andi Dorfman on Season 10 of the show before being dubbed an “emotional abuser” in her tell-all book It’s Not Okay earlier this summer, got down on one knee and professed his love for Stanton, a newly divorced single mother of two.

Murray was surrounded by controversy the whole season, as many of the contestants knew what Dorfman wrote about him in her book. Her other ex, Nick Viall, who was also on “Paradise,” confessed that most of what Dorfman said about him in the tell all was accurate, so many presumed her remarks on Murray’s hot temper were authentic. With that in mind, lots of Stanton’s costars warned her about falling for him. Still, she certainly brushed all that aside and apparently trusts that he is the genuine guy he swears to be.

“It simply took one date for me to know we had something so special,” Stanton told a smiling Murray. “The thought of welcoming you into our little family makes my heart so full.”

Murray then let Stanton understand he felt exactly the same way. “You are the sweetest, kindest, most loving, generous woman I’ve ever met,” he told her.

The couple has already moved in together and Stanton is confident in their relationship.

“He’s so dedicated and so loyal,” she told Us Weekly. “He’s sweet and considerate and caring — it’s not just something he turns on for the cameras.”

Aside from Murray and Stanton’s love story, two other men made it official by picking out some Neil Lane diamonds and sliding them onto their ladies’ ring fingers. Evan Bass, the erectile dysfunction specialist, proposed to Carly Waddell, telling her, “I feel like my heart beats to your soul.” These two had their fair share of ups and downs this season, but in all honesty, they’re fairly darn adorable. (#TheyAllLivedHappilyEvanAfter)


Also engaged: Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, who, after kissing and making up for the umpteenth time, declared to spend the remainder of the lives together.

“From the minute I met you, I knew you were going to be in my life and my life would never be dull,” Kemp told Morris, including, “You make me feel like I can be myself.” Awww!

The least surprising moment of the night came when Viall and his summer fling, Jen Saviano, decided to go their separate ways. Considering Viall was recently named the new “Bachelor,” fans pretty much knew the pair would end their love affair.

“Sometimes you wish you could tell your heart what to do and if I could, I wish I could tell it to choose you. But something is telling me to say good-bye,” a teary-eyed Viall told Saviano. “I’m sorry. My biggest fear is that I’m going to regret it. I just feel like you deserve better than me.”

After a few weeks of Monday and Tuesday night TV-watching, “BiP” is through. Now we wait until “The Bachelor” premieres in January.

How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs


The key to this process is to get a lot of air in the mix, and preserve your seasoning for the plate. I was skeptical too, but I attempted it, and it works like a charm.

Split your eggs into a mixing bowl, then use your trusty immersion blender to combine the crap out of them. Seriously, you don’t desire to beat them until they’re foamy, but you definitely need them totally combined with a good bit of air in the mix. Preheat a nonstick pan and drop in plenty of butter, allow the butter melt, then pour the eggs in.

Now the cooking procedure is just as critical though—you must keep the eggs moving in the pan (over medium heat, I’ll venture) so they don’t overcook, and thus they set up perfectly. Once they do, and they’re at an ideal consistency for you, skid them out onto a plate, and then season them with salt and pepper, or some freshly chopped herbs like dill or chives. That’s all there is to it.

As someone who loves soft scrambles that still have a little tooth to them (unlike this Gordon Ramsay method we’ve covered before) this is a fairly straightforward approach. If you don’t have an immersion blender, some elbow grease will do exactly the same job, but you’ll have to set just a little more work into it. I’m also typically a “season before you cook” junkie, but I need to admit, this approach functions too. Hit play above to find it in action (it’s all of 42 seconds). It’s a super simple video, and you’ll have to infer just as much as I did from it since it’s lacking instructions or guidance, but it’s not difficult to tell what they’re really doing there.

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cucumbers


1. Bad breath?
Did you just realize that you forgot breath mints? To get rid of bad breath, press a piece of cucumber to the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to eliminate bad breath. The phytochemicals will kill the bacteria that are responsible for causing bad breath.
2. Plain water may get a bit boring. If you have trouble drinking enough water munch on cucumbers! They’re composed of 95% water!
3. Vitamin C. Don’t forget to leave the skin on because the skin contains about 10 percent of the daily-recommended allowance.
4. Blood pressure. Cucumbers feature a lot of potassium, magnesium and fiber. These function effectively for regulating blood pressure. This makes cucumbers great for treating both low blood pressure and high blood pressure.
5. High cholesterol. A compound called sterols in cucumber may help reduce bad cholesterol.
6. Prevent sun damage. Cucumber is also the best treatment for skin that’s received too much exposure to the sun as sunburn. Just cut refrigerated cucumber slices and apply directly to the skin!
Want to add more cucumbers into your diet?

Cineplex Leaves Giant Bag Of Popcorn In Field To Be Hit By Lightning


If you are driving through southern Ontario and spot a 20-foot tall bag of popcorn, don’t stress: you’re not imagining things.

This isn’t any ordinary bag of popcorn. It’s one that has a lightning rod running down the middle of it. And it’s sitting just outside Windsor, Canada’s lightning capital.

Cineplex has set the giant bag of unpopped kernels in town of Tilbury included in its #weatherornot campaign. The goal? To see if the kernels will burst if hit by lightning.

Just one bolt of lightning can reach searing temperatures of about 27,000 C, five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

Popcorn kernels pop as an outcome of several factors: heat; wetness inside the kernel; starch; and the hardness of the shell. The shell traps the heat after which the moisture increases the pressure, causing the starch to expand and burst.

Wondering if it’ll pop or not? It is possible to vote until Sept. 2, at Cineplex’s #weatherornot page. Not only that, but, if there’s a storm blowing through the area, you can even watch it live with their webcam on the exact same page.

Cam Newton Wears T-Shirt With Martin Luther King Quote Before Game In Charlotte


On Saturday, the Charlotte police department released footage of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott that occurred on Tuesday. Ahead of the Carolina Panthers Week 3 matchup on Sunday quarterback Cam Newton decided to wear a t-shirt as a message in light of the current Charlotte protests and the Scott shooting.


Many fans have wondered if and how Newton will use his platform as the league’s reigning MVP to speak out against police violence. We’ve seen Colin Kaepernick and members of the Miami Dolphins and other teams protest the national anthem in an effort to begin a national dialog.

Some have believed that Newton has been quiet on this front, but it doesn’t appear like that is a fair judgment to make anymore. Ahead of their Week 3 game against the Minnesota Vikings, Newton wore a top to warmups, apparently offering his comments. The shirt reads, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” With that, he joined the national dialogue in a major way.

Katy Perry Joins ‘Prince’ Orlando Bloom at Disneyland Shanghai


Katy Perry and her “prince” look like they had the greatest day ever at Disneyland on Friday (September 23) in Shanghai, China.
The 31-year-old singer took to her Instagram stories to document their whirlwind experience, as she and Orlando Bloom, 39, hit the rides and stores.
While taking a look at a giant spinning castle worth over a hundred thousand dollars, Orlando proclaimed, “Baby, why don’t you just get one of these.” Katy instantly snapped back jokingly, “No, buy me the most expensive one if you genuinely love me.”
When they hopped on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Orlando couldn’t contain himself. “That’s the Flying Dutchman!” he yelled.
Naturally, Katy proclaimed the highlight of her day. “The best ride I’ve ever been on and not only ’cause I’m dating a pirate,” she said, supporting her beau, who starred in the movies of the same name.
Looks like so much fun!

Orlando Bloom Debuts New Blond Hair On Instagram


Orlando Bloom has unveiled a daring fresh hue.

Katy Perry’s boyfriend has gone from brunette to blonde and shared his new look on his newly public Instagram account.

The attractive actor, who’s currently filming the cycling mockumentary Tour de Force, was modeling on a gleaming pink bike in a navy blue suit.

“Back to blonde… rolling to set,” he captioned the snap.

It is the newest shot to delight his fans after he made his secret Instagram account public.

Orlando, who’s now dating Katy Perry, created his account all the way back in summer 2015, but kept it all to himself – and a chosen few – until earlier this week.

On Thursday, the 39-year-old posted an image of the word ‘caved’ as he opened his account to fans.

The move even pleased his ex wife Miranda Kerr who commented “nice one” underneath the picture.

back to blond…rolling to set…

A photo posted by orlandobloom (@orlandobloom) on

Real Life Feminist Bookstore Bans Portlandia From Filming In Their Store


While Portlandia may not seem like the most offensive show on television at first glance, according to one Portland-based company, that’s simply not the case.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s comedy is now filming Season Seven… but it is seeming like they’re going to have to locate a brand new feminist bookstore for their famous Girls and Girls First sketch!

That’s because IRL book shop In Other Words is boycotting the IFC series for being trans-antagonistic, trans-misogynistic, racist, cheap, and plain ol’ not funny.
Apparently, Fred and Carrie’s crew has not been the most accommodating of IOW’s progressive principles. In fact, they supposedly attempted to make the store remove a Black Lives Matter poster from the window for a shoot just this past Spring… so a volunteer for the store reacted with a “F*ck Portlandia” sign instead.


While that’s just one example, the literally outlet considers the Saturday Night Live alum’s Candace character is a mockery of the transgender community, and is standing behind their decision to block filming, writing in a blog post:

“Several months ago the In Other Words community agreed to discontinue our relationship with Portlandia. This was a direct response to a specific egregious filming of the show in our space which saw our store left a mess, our staff mistreated, our neighbors compelled to shut and lose business for a day without warning, and our continued efforts to get liability or resolution dismissed. It was also a direct reply to a show that is in every way diametrically opposed to our politics and the vision of society we’re organizing to realize. A show which has had a net negative effect on our neighborhood and the city of Portland as a whole.
The present board, staff, and volunteers were not involved in the decision, made six years ago, to permit Portlandia to film at In Other Words. We stand behind our collective decision to discontinue our relationship with the show. And we f*cking love the sign.”

No Locker Room or Home Field: How This High School Football Team Triumphs Over Adversity


The Friendship Collegiate Academy football team doesn’t have a typical practice field. Nicknamed “Friendship Beach,” the sand-and-dirt park is regularly scoured for abandoned needles and weapons. One morning, a dead body was found on the field. The young man had been shot multiple times.
The Washington, D.C., high school team also doesn’t have a home field, a locker room or even enough helmets for all the players. But despite all the odds, the team has prevailed, earning countless college athletic scholarships for its players, many of whom are from a lower-income area.
According to coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim, it’s not unusual for the Ward 7 students to be preyed on by neighborhood gangs. In fact, he notes in an episode of Sports Illustrated’s Underdogs, many of his players were once a part of them.
“I could have easily been on the street, doing bad stuff, in jail, with my friends, smoking, but this school … next year I have 20 to 25 scholarship offers,” says student Jalen Tabor, now a cornerback for the Florida Gators.
The team, and Abdul-Rahim – who is now an assistant coach at the University of Maryland – are pushing past adversity.
“The school,” says Floriece Gilchrist, whose son Jay played for Friendship Collegiate Academy, “brings that neighborhood hope.”