Melissa McCarthy Bids Farewell to Sookie St. James


Actress shares shes done playing the ‘Gilmore Girls’ character.
The long awaited conclusion to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life left fans in suspense. It was when Rory declared to her mother – “I’m pregnant.” This cruel cliffhanger reveal wasn’t sufficient enought for McCarthy to stay.
When talking to ET, McCarthy shares that she never planned to make an appearance as Sookie St. James.
“As Sookie? Nah,” she shared, “Although if it was Lorelai sure. But that’s up to Graham.”
Lorelai is played by Lauren Graham.

We are still unsure about the shows fate, if Netflix wants to renew it for another season, but the ending implies that they have much more in mind to share. At the end of 2016, the official Netflix twitter account posted a highly suggestible tweet.
“Where’s an eighth grade science fair when you need one? #GilmoreGirls,” which was posted with an image displaying Paul and Logan, and text “A guy dressed in a Wookie costume.”

Hopefully this becomes more than a playful tease, hopefully we get a glimpse of Rory’s future child in a Season 2 event that this tweet alludes to.
It’s quite heartbreaking that Sookie won’t see a return to the show. Although we got some cherished scenes with McCarthy in A Year in the Life, the shows ending didn’t provide closure.

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