Harry Potter Inspired Restaurant Opens Up in Brooklyn


Get your brooms ready to go for a Harry Potter themed restuarant has opened up in Brooklyn! A little far from Hogwarts but at Pasta Wiz, any fan of the Harry Potter books and films series will have delightful time at this Wilamsburg-based restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the popular books and films, the restaurant is decked out with medieval-like lighting fixtures, big leather chairs, wax candles, goblets, and even a sorting hat. Though you won’t be able to find any Butterbeer for sale, it’s still something for Potter Fans to enjoy.
Alex Dimitrov, owner of the recently opened Potter inspired restaurant, said that “The place is magical so [the] Harry Potter theme came naturally,” via an email exchange with Huffington Post, “We do plan to have Harry Potter-themed events and meet ups.”
Although the restaurant is inspired by the Potter world, the menu is a whole different story. In fact, nothing on the menu resembles anything in the books or movies. Rather, you’ll find pasta dishes, crepes, ice cream, and smoothies as some of the items you can order.
According to Dimitrov, the “magic” on the menu happens through the 3-5 minunte turnaround time when pasta is ordered.
So far J.K Rowling and Warner Bros have not said anything in regards to the Harry Potter themed restaurant. We shall see if any conflict should arise, but since Pasta Wiz isn’t selling anything like Butterbeer, it should be in the clear.

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