What “Titanic” Director James Cameron Has To Say About “Raft” Debate Fans Still Are On About


After surviving the sinking of the ship, Titanic, Rose and Jack are left treading the frozen waters as they cling onto a plank to help them keep afloat. Unfortunately, Jack becomes a victim of the icey cold waters and he slips away lifelessly from his beloved.
It’s been two decades since “Titanic” premiered in 1997, becoming a hit blockbuster. However, fans have still been at odds in regards to whether or not Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, could have lived if Kate Winslet’s character shared the plank with Jack since the fans believed that the raft had room to fit two people on it.
The film’s director, James Cameron, however has stated in the past that it wasn’t surface area that was the problem, but it was a problem of buoyancy.
Camereon brought up the episode of “Mythbusters” where the two hosts tested the theory of whether or not the plank could have supported two lives. In the episode, the hosts of the TV show realized that to solve the problem of buoyancy, the two could have tied their life jackets together to place on the underside of the raft.
Cameron dismissed the solution brought up by the Mythbusters’ host and claims that it would not have worked given the dire situation Jack and Rose were in.

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