Carrie Underwood’s 2017 Plans Revealed!


Carrie Underwood will be relaxing more in 2017!
The “Dirty Laundry” singer spoke with Howard Stern and said her schedule for the year remains very open.
“I thin I am just going to enjoy life with the family maybe start writing. It all depends on where my head is at,” she said. “I don’t really know. There’s no real plan.”
The singer spent a majority of 2016 on the road for her huge Storyteller tour. She recently finished a co-headlining tour with Keith Urban in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, being on the road constantly has left her home in a complete disaster.

“There’s always things to do. I always think my house is a wreck, so I’m like, ‘I got to get this in order'” Carrie reveals. “being off the road, every time we go home for small 24 maybe 48 hours at a time and I just drop things and leave. Now I am trying to make sense of my chaotic life.”
So will Underwood be doing in her time off in 2017? It looks like it might be Skydiving with her husband Mike Fisher, something he found that he liked while they were in Australia.
“We actually — after that, people started giving us gifts of skydiving. So I’m going to have to make my husband go,” she explains.

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