Ben Affleck Fresh Out of Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

According to a post he made on his Facebook account, Ben Affleck has recently announced that he’s fresh out of rehab for his addiction to alcohol. In his statement he talks about how it has been a struggle that he’s dealt with for numerous years, and something that he still isn’t over, but is willing to continue working at until he overcomes it fully.
Affleck goes on to state that it was the continuing support of his family and friends that kept him going, and has a mention to the mother of his kids, Jennifer Garner, who is still a staple in his life, despite how their relationship has gone over the past two years. He wants people, but his kids especially, that you shouldn’t be ashamed to get help for the problems in your life, and to always make an effort to at least try.

A source close to Affleck had revealed that the actor was completely sober at this years Academy Awards, as he had brought a close friend with him to the event to keep an eye on him. “He’s out of rehab and feeling great,” the source shared. “Alcohol has always been a part of Ben’s life, and it’s something that he has always struggled with. He doesn’t want to hide that fact and wants his family to know that, which was the reasoning behind making the announcement himself.”
This isn’t the first time that Affleck has checked into rehab, as there was a period back in 2001 that he checked himself in, but the reasons are still unknown.

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