Mama June Reveals Her Opinion Of Plastic Surgery, Would Recommend It To Her Daughters

TV Reality star Mama June surprised everyone with her new look and we couldn’t agree more that she looks amazing! Unfortunately, her transformation wasn’t a cheap one. Instead, the star reveals that she paid for the hefty priced procedures with her own money.
Sitting down in an interview with The Dominic Nati Show, the star of show “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, a new documentary series that will depict to viewers the journey the star goes through to how she looks now, reveals that the surgeries she underwent were not free.

Rather, she told how she had to pay for the procedures like anybody else getting the surgeries done and how the network had no influence in her medical bills getting paid. Instead, she tells that she was going to get the surgery with or without the network.
Mama June also shares that she participated in some extensive exercise workouts after her gastric sleeve procedure but before her plastic surgery procedures took place. She shares that if you get skin removal surgery without getting any other kind of procedure, you’d might have to spend your money again to have it redone.

As for the procedures she underwent, Mama June reveals that the list of surgeries include: skin removal on her arms and neck, a tummy tuck, as well as a breast lift. The star reveals that she won’t be undertaking anymore procedures before adding that she doesn’t consider these procedures as plastic surgery.
For the star, plastic surgery entails having something broken or added on.

When asked about whether or not she would encourage her daughters Alana and Lauryn, who are 11-years-old and 17-years-old respectively, to get plastic surgery done as a method of losing weight, the mother replies that she does encourage them to lose weight but not before noting that they’re only teenagers.
She recommends surgery if it’s something that will make her daughters more confident. But she wants them to do their research first before deciding.

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