Kaley Cuoco And Who Will Be Having An ‘8 Simple Rules’ Reunion On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ This Fall?


Widely popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” just made an awesome casting to join the main crew for an epic episode coming to fans this fall!

Announced at the San Diego Comic Con, the TV show’s panel revealed that they have casted Penny’s mother for a future episode.
Executive producer, Steven Molaro, shared with the audience at the San Diego Comic Con that Katey Sagal has been given the role of Penny’s mother. Looks like an ‘8 Simple Rules’ reunion is happening!
Cuoco and Sagal were previously co-starred on the show ‘8 Simple Rules.’ The two played the roles of mother and daughter on the show from 2002 to 2005.

Sagal will be appearing in the first episode of the upcoming ‘Big Bang’ season this fall. That’s not all though, fans will also be meeting Penny’s brother! Present with the rest of the panel was Jack McBrayer, who helped make the announcement.
Penny’s backstory has so far remained a mystery, though we have been introduced to the characters father for two episodes before, in which Keith Carradine played the role. Here’s hope to learning more about Penny as her family makes an appearance! Maybe we will finally learn her last name.

Do you agree that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ made the perfect choice to cast Sagal? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!
Catch the new season on the show when it returns on September 19.

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