“Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller is Going to be Replaced by Cheryl Burke? Reality TV Star Weighs in on Rumors


Could it be true?
Reality TV star Abby Lee Miller from “Dance Moms” provides her thoughts on her possible replacement after her shocking announcement that she is leaving the Lifetime show.
Miller sat down with People magazine for an interview in which she spoke of her sudden reveal that she is leaving “Dance Moms,” which she conducted through a lengthy Instagram post. Quick to call out the producers of the show, the reality star cited her reasons for leaving is because she is tired of being “manipulated and disrespected” by them.
With Miller leaving the show, rumors have surfaced that Cheryl Burke will be replacing her on “Dance Moms.” In regards to the rumors, Miller neither confirmed nor denied it but she did mention that if Burke were to take over, Burke would be treated a lot better than how she is treated. Or at least in the beginning they will be.

Miller goes on to state that after six or so years of filming for the show, Burke will eventually be treated “like dirt” too.
Miller stated that she’s only met the “Dancing With The Stars” star only once and that she is training.
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Meanwhile, Burke has not addressed the rumors of her joining “Dance Moms” yet. Though she did share a rather vague Instagram post in which she captioned the photo mentioning that she is returning to do some dance work.
It shouldn’t be too long before fans of the show will find out if the rumors are true or not!

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