Boy Finds Rattlesnake Inside Toilet


For rattlesnakes to appear in rural homes in Texas is a common occurrence. What’s not is to find one in your toilet, according to an expert snake remover.
Nathan Hawkins retells that he got a call to a house located near Abilene a month back when a boy found an full grown rattlesnake peeking out when he lifted the toilet seat lid.
The boy was in for a surprise when he found the snake mostly submerged down the drain.
Hawkins believes that the snake made its way to the family’s toilet through its plumbing system via exposed pipe.
The mother of the boy who found the snake decapitated the reptile while Hawkins extracted 23 other snakes that he found in a storm cellar underneath the home.
Hawkins posted on his company’s Facebook page detailing the even which garnered thousands of shares.

“Catfishing” Victim Freaks Out When She Finds Her Own Photo Online


Sometimes when you’re on social media, it’s a given that you’ll see things that you never expected to see.
But for Jessica Hunt, what she saw on Instagram shocked her. While surfing online, Hunt came across her own photo of her posing in her own kitchen being used by a stranger.
The photo is of Hunt wearing a sparkly green dress while posing in her home kitchen. But instead of seeing her face, the face in the photo is of the stranger who took her original photo in a creep and weird “catfish” move.
Unfortunately, many people find themselves victims to “catfishing”, and Hunt just happened to be one of them.
After finding her photo being used by someone else, Hunt went on Twitter to post a message: “That is my body and my house but who’s face is that!?!? Catfish game is getting silly.”
Image 1
For those who are unaware of what “catfishing” entails, it is someone who pretends to be someone else on social media sites to create false identities with the goal of pursuing deceptive online romances according to the Urban Dictionary.
That’s just plain creepy.

Adult Swaddling Is A Thing In Japan And The Craze Is Sweeping The Nation!


A strange therapeutic method is gaining ground and sweeping through Japan.
The method involves people being wrapped up like babies and its called Adult Swaddling. Just like the age-old tradition of baby swaddling, the person is wrapped in a cloth in an effort to improve one’s flexibility.
The method is called “Otona Maki” in Japanese and wass invented by Nobuko Watanabe, a Japanese midwife.
After being wrapped in the cloth, the person is then rocked from side to side in a gentle manner.
The side to side rocking is meant to loosen up tense muscles and bones.
Nobuko stated that her bizarre therapeutic method most beneficially helps out new moms suffering from stiff shoulders or hips.
Patients who enter Otona Maki workshops can experience being wrapped up for 20 minutes a session, which is enough time to improve one’s flexibility.
It may sound a bit strange and weird, but this craze apparently works.

Poor Rat Punished By Store Owner After Being Caught Stealing Rice


Theft is not a crime that should be taken lightly, especially to a store owner in China.
Lai Tiancai, a store owner in Zhuhai, China took theft punishment to a whole new level when he caught a “culprit” stealing rice from him.
So what does he do? He tied up the thieving rat, in this case a real rate, with strings. Tied by its limbs, the poor rat also had to wear a sign around its neck that read “I won’t dare do this again” and another sign that says: “Huh, is this the best you could do? Even if you beat me to death, I would not admit that the rice at your home had been stolen by me.”
The rat that was caught by a store employee was photograph, and has since gone viral on many social media ports.
Some people who have seen the photo have voiced out their opinions.
One says that everything in the world has a life, including a rat. So why torture it? He goes on to say that the rat stole rice because it need it to survive.

Saudi Prince Buys First Class Seats For All His 80 Hawks


For most travelers, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all experienced the same situation: too much things we want to bring, not enough luggage space.
So what does that mean? Well, some of us might wear extra layers of clothing while ignoring the rolling eyes at check-in, or you just leave some stuff behind.
All in all, we do what we can to avoid that extra luggage charge.
But it’s a whole different story if you are a Saudi prince!
Say, if your Saudi Royalty who has the means to fly all 80 birds on the airline then you do.
How? You buy seats for each of your little birdies.
So it seems like the Saudi Prince found a loophole in the airline’s excess baggage policies.

Barber Setting Heads On Fire With Blowtorch Hair Styling Method In Gaza!

For one barbershop in Gaza, it’s all about the flames.
Owner of the blowtorch barbershop, Ramadan Odwan, tells Reuters that many people are interested in his method of straightening hair.
Though not the first hairstylist to use flames, the use of blowtorches is a unique offering to the Gaza Strip.

For those not afraid to ask for flames, Odwan applies a protective, and secret, liquid substance to the customer’s hair before setting fire to the head with a small blowtorch.
After two months of using this method, Odwan shares that he has not encountered any problems. He ensures that using a blowtorch is completely safe.
A reason why Odwan has introduced the blowtorch method to Gaza is because he wanted to showcase to the world that Palestinian barbers are just as professional as other barbers around the globe.

Man Sets World Record For Most Nails Hammered With Skull


For a certain Boston man, beating a world record to set his own was something he really wanted to achieve.
And after two minutes later and 38 nails – he sure… nailed it.
John Ferraro, also known as “Hammer Head”, set an new record. Viewers of the weekly YouTube series, Guiness World Records Italian Show, watched it all unfold.
“Hammer Head” also holds the title for a couple of other records, such as the one-minute record and the world record for “most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes”.
How is Ferraro able to achieve all that nailing? According to the Daily Mail, he has a skull that is more than twice the thickness of the average person’s.
He discovered he had a 16 mm thick forehead when he chased his brother and went diving head first into a wooden door as a child.
When not banging nails with his head, Ferraro works as a professional wrestler.

Drunk Drivers Beware! Police Warns Law Breakers Of Justin Bieber T-Mobile Ad Punishment


Sometimes the law can give out some pretty cruel and unusual punishment to law breakers.
Take for example the menacing threats the citizens of Wyoming, Minnesota were given by the city’s police department.
In an attempt to dissuade people from partaking in drunk driving during the Super Bowl, the Wyoming Police Department told residents that they would be forced to endure watching Justin Bieber’s T-mobile ad as punishment.
The Justin Bieber featured ad showcases the “history” of the touchdown celebratory dance, with injured New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski featuring as well.
The Wyoming Police Department had no idea that their tweet would gain the attention that it did.
On top of the crazy world wide responses the tweet received, but the department did not make any drunk driving arrests that night.

Forget Crystal Glasses, Get Pizza When You Sign Up For The Domino’s Wedding Registry!


Who has ever been in a situation as a wedding guest and you don’t know what to get the newlyweds?
Not only is it tough to decide on a present, but it’s also hard to find something the couple would want to use. Well if you’re that person facing this crucial decision, then Domino’s Pizza has got you covered.
The pizza company has now developed a wedding registry in which couples can request for a pizza before, during, or after their wedding day.
Not only is the Domino’s Wedding Registry a fantastic idea, especially for pizza lovers, but it works like most other wedding registries. All the couple has to do is sign up and then simply create a profile with the items they want to receive.
Each item comes as a regular Domino’s gift card, though Domino’s has included some clever gift card names such as “Cater the Bachelorette Party” for pre wedding events, “Dancing With My Slice” which is meant to be used during the wedding reception, and “An Excuse Not To Cook” for post-wedding lazy days.
Who would have thought pizza would make a marvelous wedding gift!
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This Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery Has People Confused

maxresdefault (9)

Body enhancements. contouring, facelifts, liposuction – there are numerous possibilities for people looking to enhance their bodies with the help of plastic surgery.
You’d think by now we’ve seen it all, but there’s a new trend sweeping the nation: back dimples.

Poised to be the greatest trend of 2017, this new cosmetic surgery procedure is on the rise. With today’s culture obsessed with social media, people often find themselves infatuated with celebrities and popular culture icons flaunting their perfect bodies online. These obsessions drive people to rush to their local plastic surgeon, to go under to knife to achieve that perfection of beauty they wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve.
Back dimples have become the new thing, as previously, it was something you couldn’t work towards with a couple sessions at the gym. It was something that you needed to be born with, until now.