Miranda Lambert Introduces MuttNation’s New Doggie Line Products


Country music fans probably know by now that Miranda Lambert is an animal lover who loves helping pets in need, hence why she co-founded the animal charity MuttNation with her mother.

The goal of MuttNation is to help pets in shelters find the right loving home and family to go to, as well as end animal cruelty and neglect. Now fans can help Lambert and her great cause out in a new and different – way by shopping for their own pets at home!
Partnering with PetMate, Lambert has created a new line of pet items like bedding, apparel, toys, and collars and leashes that have been inspired by the star’s own country-chic style. So fans can find a touch of Lambert in every item, for example there’s a guitar-shaped treat-dispensing product, cow print bedding and denim bandana neckerchief. How cute do those all sound?

According to the popular country singer, MuttNation is “a dream come true” for it represents her and her mother’s love for animals as work towards their goal of helping every dog and cat in need find loving homes. The star also shares that she is thrilled to have MuttNation partner up with Petmate, a “trusting and committed partner” who shares the same vision as them. She feels proud that through MuttNation, she is raising awareness to the benefits of saving a shelter pet through adoption.
One of the main features of the now available products is a line of plush toys for dogs that are modeled after the puppies who have been rescued. Fans will be able to even purchase Delilah, Lambert’s own dog.

All purchases from MuttNation Fueled by Miranda Lambert will go towards the rescue and adoption efforts of the organization.

Mama June Reveals Her Opinion Of Plastic Surgery, Would Recommend It To Her Daughters

TV Reality star Mama June surprised everyone with her new look and we couldn’t agree more that she looks amazing! Unfortunately, her transformation wasn’t a cheap one. Instead, the star reveals that she paid for the hefty priced procedures with her own money.
Sitting down in an interview with The Dominic Nati Show, the star of show “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, a new documentary series that will depict to viewers the journey the star goes through to how she looks now, reveals that the surgeries she underwent were not free.

Rather, she told how she had to pay for the procedures like anybody else getting the surgeries done and how the network had no influence in her medical bills getting paid. Instead, she tells that she was going to get the surgery with or without the network.
Mama June also shares that she participated in some extensive exercise workouts after her gastric sleeve procedure but before her plastic surgery procedures took place. She shares that if you get skin removal surgery without getting any other kind of procedure, you’d might have to spend your money again to have it redone.

As for the procedures she underwent, Mama June reveals that the list of surgeries include: skin removal on her arms and neck, a tummy tuck, as well as a breast lift. The star reveals that she won’t be undertaking anymore procedures before adding that she doesn’t consider these procedures as plastic surgery.
For the star, plastic surgery entails having something broken or added on.

When asked about whether or not she would encourage her daughters Alana and Lauryn, who are 11-years-old and 17-years-old respectively, to get plastic surgery done as a method of losing weight, the mother replies that she does encourage them to lose weight but not before noting that they’re only teenagers.
She recommends surgery if it’s something that will make her daughters more confident. But she wants them to do their research first before deciding.

Emma Watson Invites ‘Harry Potter’ Cast To Upcoming Film Screening


They acted together when they were just children in a film that would become a hit film series and mark the beginning of their journey to success back in 2001, so you could assume they would be a tight knit group.

Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her upcoming anticipated movie, “Beauty and the Beast”, Emma Watson was asked whether or not she still regularly contacts Daniel Radcliffe, a fellow co-star back in her “Harry Potter” days.
The actress replies that they actually have a WhatsApp group in which they communicate through since all of them are busy with their careers.
Watson explains that through WhatsApp, she invited her “Harry Potter” co-stars and the main cast of the film to the screening of her upcoming film.

Being supportive friends, Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, and Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” films, were there to attend the Los Angeles screening of “Beauty of the Beast”.
Watson goes on to exclaim that getting the whole cast together in one city is rather difficult. She compares it to like playing Pokemon, as she’s trying to “catch them all.”

Let’s hope a Harry Potter reunion happens at the premiere for “Beauty and the Beast” because that would be all epicness!

Alison Brie and Dave Franco Confirm Marriage

The pair have finally gotten married!
The news of the two making it official has been confirmed by each of their representatives.

Announcing that they were engaged back in the summer of the 2015, the couple had been dating since back in 2012. The pair were great at keeping their relationship on the low, and stayed out of the public eye. Although there were rumors that something was going on between the two, it was James Franco, the brother of Dave, that had announced on social media that the two were actually engaged.

In an interview of a red carpet movie premiere, Franco had revealed that he wasn’t at all into the planning of his wedding. Making jokes about planning to elope, he had shared that he wasn’t into big weddings and was looking for something small and simple.

Ben Affleck Fresh Out of Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

According to a post he made on his Facebook account, Ben Affleck has recently announced that he’s fresh out of rehab for his addiction to alcohol. In his statement he talks about how it has been a struggle that he’s dealt with for numerous years, and something that he still isn’t over, but is willing to continue working at until he overcomes it fully.
Affleck goes on to state that it was the continuing support of his family and friends that kept him going, and has a mention to the mother of his kids, Jennifer Garner, who is still a staple in his life, despite how their relationship has gone over the past two years. He wants people, but his kids especially, that you shouldn’t be ashamed to get help for the problems in your life, and to always make an effort to at least try.

A source close to Affleck had revealed that the actor was completely sober at this years Academy Awards, as he had brought a close friend with him to the event to keep an eye on him. “He’s out of rehab and feeling great,” the source shared. “Alcohol has always been a part of Ben’s life, and it’s something that he has always struggled with. He doesn’t want to hide that fact and wants his family to know that, which was the reasoning behind making the announcement himself.”
This isn’t the first time that Affleck has checked into rehab, as there was a period back in 2001 that he checked himself in, but the reasons are still unknown.

A Romance Brewing Between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez


Is Hollywood’s next hottest couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez?
From recent reports, the pair are dating and have been for a few weeks now revealed by an unidentified source to People Magazine.
According to People’s source, the singer is excited by this new relationship prospect but is also acting with some caution given her previous relationships.

Reported by the New York Daily News, the singer and baseball star have apparently been together for months now. The rumored couple have since been spotted together backstage at Lopez’s recent concert in Las Vegas.
An inside source revealed to the New York Post’s Page Six that the two are meshing well due to their common interests like their Latin roots, their love for their kids and New York.
A-Rod, the Yankees legend retired last season and began his career as an MLB analysis for fox just recently. As for Lopez, she’s currently keeping busy with her TV drama “Shades of Blue”. They each have two children.

The two have been linked to a Hollywood’s A-listers in their previous relationships. Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, as well as Silicon Valley tycoon Anne Wojcicki are some of Rodriguez’s well-known past flames.

As for Lopez, she was married to Marc Anthony until their divorce in 2014 and has previously dated Ben Affleck and P. Diddy. She was also rumored to be dating Drake back in December, but the star has denied those rumors.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Carrie Underwood’s 2017 Plans Revealed!


Carrie Underwood will be relaxing more in 2017!
The “Dirty Laundry” singer spoke with Howard Stern and said her schedule for the year remains very open.
“I thin I am just going to enjoy life with the family maybe start writing. It all depends on where my head is at,” she said. “I don’t really know. There’s no real plan.”
The singer spent a majority of 2016 on the road for her huge Storyteller tour. She recently finished a co-headlining tour with Keith Urban in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, being on the road constantly has left her home in a complete disaster.

“There’s always things to do. I always think my house is a wreck, so I’m like, ‘I got to get this in order'” Carrie reveals. “being off the road, every time we go home for small 24 maybe 48 hours at a time and I just drop things and leave. Now I am trying to make sense of my chaotic life.”
So will Underwood be doing in her time off in 2017? It looks like it might be Skydiving with her husband Mike Fisher, something he found that he liked while they were in Australia.
“We actually — after that, people started giving us gifts of skydiving. So I’m going to have to make my husband go,” she explains.

Miranda Lambert Wants Everyone To Know The Truth About Her Weight loss!


Miranda has a message for all the haters who claim she had surgery to lose weight!
The singer posted a note about the false reports on how she lost weight!
“Even though I don’t give a fly F**K about what the tabloids say about me, I want to let my fans know about the bogus articles that claim I lost weight via surgery. This is not true! I lost weight naturally!” she wrote.
“I lost the weight the old-fashioned way. Watched what I ate and working out with my trainer” Lambert Continued in her note.

Miranda, who dropped at least 1 dress size, also says she’s not aware how much weight she actually lost.
“It’s not about the scale. It’s about how you feel. When I turned 30 I wanted to be fit and fabulous. So I made it happen. Anyone who reads and believes the “trash” that are the tabloids please don’t,” Miranda pleaded in her post. “I’m proud to be normal sized in an industry where it’s not the norm. I just hope you’re happy, if not make changes for yourself, not anyone else”
The country star recently shared with us that her secret was portion control, meaning eating the same things she’s used to, but eating them in smaller portions, and working out daily.
What do you think of Miranda’s amazing slim down? Drop us a line down below!

Kaley Cuoco Displeased With Jim Parsons After SAG Awards


Each year, the biggest and brightest stars from the realms of television and film get together for the annual SAG Awards. When gathering such talented groups of people, the odd problem tends to arise. Jim Parsons was placed in quite the predicament at the show this past January.
While being interviewed on the red carpet of the event, Parsons had announced that he wasn’t going to be sitting with his television family, and instead be seated with the cast of the film Hidden Figures. This came as a surprise to co-star Kaley Cuoco, who was at his side throughout the interview. Acting somewhat perplexed by the situation, Cuoco seemed displeased with Parsons, although he did announce his intentions a week prior to the event. Still unhappy, Cuoco was quick to throw shade at her Big Bang cohort – scowling, while rolling her eyes.

“How would you like it if I sat with the cast of Modern Family? Wouldn’t that be strange?” Cuoco joked. Trying to alleviate the situation, Parsons replied by telling her he wouldn’t be far away, as their tables were actually beside each other. For sure they’d be able to squeeze in a couple selfies together throughout the commercial breaks.

Amber Portwood Reveals This Via Instagram!


Over the last year, many stars including Hailey Baldwin, Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks have all jumped on the Pink Hair trend! Amber Portwood can officially be added to that list!
The MTV star-whom recently started a brand new boutique called Forever Haute shared her new ‘do via Instagram recently

I am pink now…And I love it 💕

A photo posted by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

“I am pink now…And I love it,” Leah’s mama added along with the selfie above. No more Marilyn Monroe platinum strands!
One fan of Amber’s fuschia-ish shade? Her fiancé Matt Baier:

What do you think of Amber’s new hair color? Are you jumping in on the trend? Let us know in the comments below!