Country Star Miranda Lambert Knows How To Bring In The Crowd, Sells Out In Ashwaubenon


Heartbreak doesn’t always end in just bad hurt, rather it can be the source of good music. And nobody knows this better than Miranda Lambert! But not only does her inspiration comes from real life, but she also credits yoga, healthy eating, good sleep and drinking lots of water to allow her to have the energy to create hit songs.

Country star Miranda Lambert brought down the house at the Resch Center in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin for one of her stops on her Highway Vagabond Tour. Her 85-minute long concert was sold out as country music fans filled the arena to listen to a great setlist from the singer, some which included some surprising breakup songs.

Lambert opened the show with her song “Kerosene” from her debut album. The song is about revenge, and given what went down with her and Blake Shelton, it couldn’t be more fitting as she sang the piece while strutting high and proud across the stage.
With all the sass she was channeling, it is no wonder that the song was the door opener for her country music career so many years ago.
Ending the night however, Lambert decided on “Tin Man” where she graced the stage alone with just her mic and her acoustic guitar.

Singing “The Wizard of Oz” character inspired song, Lambert’s emotions flows through as she belts out the lyrics. In which a verse of the song states how if you ever had a broken heart, you’d wish you never had one.
The heartbreak song hushed the crowd that filled all 7,535 seats in the area even though the audience was loud and excited as they sang along to “Gunpowder & Lead.”
Before jumping into “Tin Man,” Lambert introduce the piece as a song that she composed while was feeling down and in a really dark place. But despite what you think, Lambert’s dark period only made her stronger.

Some other songs Lambert included in her show’s setlist include: “Highway Vagabond” from her latest album “Weight of These Wings,” “Vice,” her classic “The House That Built Me,” “Ugly Lights,”  
“We Should Be Friends,” and “Little Red Wagon.”

“The Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Impresses At Horseback Riding Competition


Bringing their A-game, The Big Bang Theory’s actress Kaley Cuoco and her horse, Escarlata, showed everyone what they got in their latest horse show competition.
Image 17
The actress and equestrian shared with her fans that she and Escarlata recently attended a competition and partook in the 1.35 classic off the circuit category on Instagram. Cuoco posted a photo of her sitting on top of Escarlata, a beautiful brown mare, as she gives the horse a living embrace. In the photo’s captions, the star praises the horse’s performance, calling it “perfection”.
Prior to competing in the competition show, Cuoco posted a photo of her and another one of her horses, Benji, for fans to see.
For fans who are unaware of Cuoco’s equestrian side, the actress has been competing in many horse shows for the last couple years. She is not only widely popular for bringing to life Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but her riding skills has also received recognition as an equestrian.
Although Cuoco loves her horses and is passionate in the sport, there was a time when she could not ride. After falling off her horse in 2010 during a riding lesson, the star broke her ankle.

After her horrible fall, Cuoco was rushed to the hospital where the doctors informed the actress that they may have to amputate her leg. Appearing on the Ellen Show, Cuoco reflected on the accident and shared how she was already hysterical when the doctors revealed that one of the options she had to think about was amputation. The star goes on to say that when she found out, all she thought about how she was going to have to call her work and tell them that she’s coming in with one foot. Luckily the star is okay and did not have to resort to such drastic measures.

Cuoco also mentions how the doctors shared with her the worst case scenario because they thought that an infection had spread in her foot so when she wakes up from her surgery, she might find herself with only one foot. Like going into surgery was not scary enough!
Looks like the scary incident did not scare Cuoco from getting on a horse again because she’s got some major horse riding skills and talent!

Miranda Lambert Performs at the Xcel, Fans Missing Her Softer Side


There probably isn’t anyone who does not agree that Miranda Lambert has been through a rough patch after what happened to her and Blake Shelton back in 2015. But rather than letting the media get what they want, Lambert remained quiet about the ordeal.

Instead, she worked hard to produce an impressive album, “The Weight of These Wings” for her fans before going on tour. The singer has come back stronger than ever.
Being on the road is a topic that Miranda often mentions in her songs. Unlike so many of her fellow country singers, like ex-husband Shelton and popular singer Carrie Underwood, Lambert has remained true to her music and style rather than falling into the grasps of mainstream country influences.

Lambert’s latest stop on her “Highway Vagabond Tour” was Xcel Center where she brought the crowds to their feet to dance and sing along with hits like “Kerosene.” The story the country star told through her show was about a badass, hard-drinking country girl who knows how to survive hardships and struggles when everything else around her goes wrong.
The audience not only got to see Lambert’s strong and survivor persona, but they also got the see the more vulnerable and soft side of Lambert through songs like “The House That Built Me”, “Over You”, and “Vice.”

Fans got a sneak peak of her personal feelings and situation after her split with Blake Shelton in the song “Ugly Lights”, that depict the story of her lonely nights sitting and drinking at the bar.
For some fans however, they didn’t feel connected to the singer compared to her previous stops. But that didn’t stop the crowd from dancing, drinking, and singing away the night. Hopefully, fans will be able to see more of Lambert’s spontaneity in next time’s show.

Kaley Cuoco Amongst Others Are Some Of The Famous Faces You’ll Recognize At This Year’s Equestrian World Cup

Who can we expect to be attending the equestrian World Cup in Omaha this year? How about an actress from popular TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’? Or the daughter of the world’s richest man alive? Let’s not forget about all the talented riders around the globe.
With the international equestrian championship beginning this month, those are just some of the faces we can expect to see participate in the competition, or watching it from the stands.

Taking place from March 29 to April 2nd, the 2017 World Cup Finals will host the top 50 riders around the world in two categories, show jumping and dressage, so you can expect to see some Olympic medalists in with the mix.
The event will be great for people watching, as fans won’t know who might show up. CEO of the Omaha Equestrian Foundation states that you might be able to see someone famous or wealthy at the event.

For example, you might be able to see Kaley Cuoco at the event, along side Californian horse rider Karl Cook.
Other than the actress, you will get to see Jennifer Gates, whose father is none other than Bill Gates, ride in the Grand Prix event. So like any other proud dad, Bill Gates is sure to be in the stands cheering on his daughter.

More well-known faces are to appear at the event so keep your eyes peeled if you are attending the competition!

Miranda Lambert Tags Anderson East in During Louisiana Concert

Miranda Lambert was joined on stage by Anderson East while performing a show in Bossier City over the weekend.

The crowd roared fiercely as the country duo performed a rendition of the popular song Stay With Me. During the performance, the two held nothing back giving a performance of a lifetime, as they wanted to do no harm to the classic 70’s track.
The Louisiana stop was the first of many shows Lambert has planned for the year, while embarking on her Highway Vagabond Tour.

This wasn’t the first time the duo performed together on stage, and have frequently made an effort to join the others performances to share a song or two. In February of last year, Miranda joined Anderson on stage during a show in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Since then, both musicians have gone back and forth to join the other on stage during different stops of their respective tours.

Carrie Underwood Reveals What It’s Like To Have Her Own Athletics Clothing Line


Country singer Carrie Underwood has been upping the ante on her active lifestyle and we couldn’t agree more that she is looking pretty killer.
The singer’s intense workout regime could be in part of Underwood’s fantastic appearance, or it could be due to the singer’s diversifying into the athletic apparel industry, where she now has her own line titled Calia by Carrie Underwood.
No one can argue that the singer is a pro at exercising her vocal cords, but now Underwood wants her fans to workout in high-waisted athletic leggings with her. Underwood states that her athletic wear will be colorful patterned and “inspirational messaging”.
Making an appearance on the ‘Today’ show, Underwood preps for her appearance by getting her hair and makeup ready. Adding some comfort to her wardrobe, Underwood throws on her very own Calia top and infinity scarf for the show.
Also, sitting down with E!, Underwood gives a first and exclusive look into her spring collection that fans can purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Check out the songstress’ collection if you haven’t done so already!

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Reveals Dress, Hair And Shoes Dilemma

It’s time to get your glam on!
With The Academy Awards taking place this upcoming Sunday night, you can bet the stars are out mingling at pre-parties. The latest celeb gathering was the Cadillac Oscars soiree that happened at Chateau Marmont Thursday night.
A star in attendance of the glam party was “This Is Us” actress Chrissy Metz. The star revealed how she was in dilemma when it came to choosing what she wanted to don for the evening.

From her clothes to her hair to jewelry, down to her shoes, Metz didn’t know what she was going to wear.
For Metz, this is the first time awards season. She even recalls the last Oscars where she sat on the couch envying the actors who were in attendance. As an actor herself, attending award shows are things you want to enjoy.
Also in attendance at the Cadillac Oscars soiree were Zoe Saldana, Michelle Dockery, Patricia Arquette and Naomi Watts.

Former “Glee” star and newlywed Matthew Morrison also joined the star studded gathering with wife Renee. At the event, Morrison wanted to emphasize that although he wants to be a father one day, it is not happening in the near future when he previously stated he wanted to create a new business targeted at first-time dads. For now, he’s just enjoying his time with his wife.
Although getting glammed up to bask in the fun with other stars is all fun in games, not every wants to spend too much time as a few stars were seen trying to sneak out of the event, such as Jessica Pare and her husband, John Kastner.
Be sure to see your favorite star by tuning in to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday!

Miranda Lambert Asking Fans To Unite To Help Out Local Animal Shelter


Every Miranda Lambert fan knows how much the country star adores animals.
And now the singer is calling out to fans to assist her in creating some small animal miracles for the Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary. What is she asking fans to do? Simply just bringing along some pet supplies when they come see her for her March 2nd concert at the Resch Center.
In doing so, she’s hoping her fans will help “Fill The Little Red Wagon” for animals in need. Her animal donation campaign pays reference to her song “Little Red Wagon” she released in 2015.
Fans participating in the event will be given the opportunity to win the prize of upgrading their concert ticket, as well as participate in a meet and greet with Lambert.
Items to be donated will be received in the lobby of the Resch Center between 5:30 to 6:45pm the night of the concert. At 7:00pm, the drawing will take place and the winner will be announced.
Back in 2009, Lambert along with her mother founded a nonprofit organization with the goal of “ending animal cruelty, neglect and homelessness”.
On the organization’s Facebook page, fans can find photos of overflowed “Little Red Wagons” of donations from the campaign throughout her Highway Vagabond Tour.
Seems like Lambert and fans are united in helping animals in need!

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Was Left Speechless During Engagement

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Jenelle Evans attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

When a guy gets it right, he could leave a woman speechless with his romantic gesture.
That is exactly what happened to Jenelle Evans when she received an unforgettable proposal just days before Valentine’s Day.

It has almost been a week since the “Teen Mom” star got engaged to boyfriend David Eason and now she is revealing her thoughts about the big moment, as well as the ring that left her speechless.
Evans reveals that Eason did “an excellent job” in picking out the pear-shaped diamond with more smaller diamonds around the center of the stone. She loves everything about the chosen ring.
For Evans, she also reveals that the engagement was original to the point that Eason had left her speechless.
According to Evans, Eason took her to see the mountains randomly on the weekend. After reaching the peak of the mountain, the surprise soon followed.
Eason had asked Evans if she thought the roses on the ground were pretty before stating that they were for her.
She continues telling that she had peered over Eason’s shoulder to find MTV hiding behind the trees, something that took her by surprise since she didn’t know that MTV was supposed to be there.
That was when Eason asked the “Teen Mom” to marry him. Elated with tears, the two broke the news of their engagement on Instagram after Evans replied “yes!”
Enjoying their engagement status, Evans has revealed that for now, there is no date set for the wedding. However, she mentions how they are looking into maybe getting married this summer or the next.
Evans shares she wants to have time in order to plan for her big day, but before that can happen, they’ll need to get settled down in their new home.

Kaley Cuoco Shares With Fans Another Couple Photo With Boyfriend


Completely in love, “The Big Bang Theory” star, Kaley Cuoco, continues to share loads of photos of her and boyfriend Karl Cook.
The newest photo to join the collection of Cuoco and Cook is of the couple shopping for furniture via Instagram.
Image 1
When “The Big Bang Theory” isn’t keeping her busy, Cuoco partakes in horseback riding. She even does horseback riding at the professional level.
Just recently, Cuoco shared some posted photos on her social media accounts of her attending a equestrian event.
One of the shared photos depicts Cuoco riding a whitish horse as it makes a jump, looking all majestic and all.
This particular photo of Cuoco however captured the actress with her eyes closed while she was blinking. Finding it funny, Cuoco captioned the photo “when you fall asleep mid jump”.