Adorable Dogs in Wigs


Happy Friday!
Now we all know everyone has had a long week of work and heck, you may even still be at work trying to find anything to do to pass the time. You know what, we got you! We have compiled a list of 23 adorable dogs in wigs for you to fall in love with. Don’t forget to save a couple of these pics to turn them into your desktop or mobile background to show off to all your colleagues, friends and family.
*WARNING: We highly suggest to try this at home. Will work ten times out of ten and will instantly make any dog even cuter than they already are. Trust us.
Please enjoy this album of adorable dogs in wigs.























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Christie Brinkley Looks Amazing on Chilled Magazine Cover


Supermodel Christie Brinkley recently posed for Chilled, looking gorgeous as usual.
Looking significantly younger than someone in her 60’s, Brinkley flaunts her assets in a sensual yet playful manner. Taking to popular social media platform Instagram, the supermodel posted the cover to share with her fans.
Modelling isn’t the only endeavor for Brinkley. Since her retirement from being a model, the blonde bombshell has started her own sparkling wine company. Looking back on her career Brinkley went on to share that “it was never my intention to become a model, it wasn’t something I aspired to become. I felt a bit awkward about it at first, but the money was so enticing.”

Without a doubt, it’s safe to say that she made the right decision. Even in her growing age, she looks just as good as the day she first started her modelling career. She exudes confidence and is very comfortable in her skin. According her to, looking this great comes with hard work, and she emphasizes committing to exercising everyday and maintaining a healthy diet.
“Make sure to maintain an active lifestyle – staying healthy is a great way to ensure a better life, it’s a great mindset to have,” she explained. “Embracing positivity while blocking out negative thoughts can be beneficial towards extending your lifespan. Worry less, smile more.”

Which isn’t to say that she hasn’t strayed from her vegan ways from time to time.
“We’re only on this planet for so long, crack open some champagne with a side of caviar. Live a little sometimes,” she says.

Robin McGraw Revelation, Is It Worth Your Time?


Robin McGraw has launched Robin McGraw Revelation, which is her very own skincare product line. The base kit costs 85.50 and is a 30-day supply of Cleanser, scrub, moisturizer and a supplement.
Personally, the biggest problem with this entire business model is the fact that it is a subscription based service. Every 30 days you will be re-shipped all the products until you cancel the plan. Other than that, the products themselves are to be judged, not the business model.
The four key products are Absolute Glow Purifying Facial Cleanser, Vital Hydration Serum Infused Moisturizing Treatment, Total Renewal Micro Polishing Scrub and Jewel Drops Anti- Aging Serum Capsules. I feel that the Scrub or Supplements are essential to a daily anti-aging routine, and for this reason alone is enough for me to say that this regimen isn’t for me. However, let’s dig a little deeper on the actual products.
The easy answer to that question is mostly yes. The good does outweigh the bad, and there are even some interesting ingredients among them. Don’t expect cutting-edge technology, but there are some useful botanical extracts.

Robin McGraw Revelation Absolute Glow Purifying Facial Cleanser is formulated to exfoliate and lighten your skin with sugar cane and bill berry extract, which contains arbutin as a skin whitener. Edelweiss extract is included which helps inflammation of your skin. Another good ingredient is Phospholipids, which helps with moisture retnention.
Coco betaine is also included in the which is normally a safe product but has been known to cause a an allergic reation to some people. Other ingredients to be aware of are PEG-130 Methyl Flucose Trileate, as PEG’s should never be near damaged skin, and Phenoxythanl, a potential neurotoxin.
The Moisturizing treatemnt also has a few ingredients to be wary of. Adipic acid is an anti-caking agent that might be a skin irritant to some and can cause environmental damage. There are many Silicones, fragrance & potentially irritatatinf preservatices. But, I have seen much much worse in more expensive store lotions. There are some things in the Hydration serum that deserve to be talked about. Lentil Extract is used to eliminate nucleated cells from around the pores for a smoother more refined complextion. Watermelon extract is also included mainly to make it sound interesting but has yet to be proven scientifically as a anti-aging.
All in all, for how much it costs, and the fact that it’s a 30-day resupply it’s not the product for me. However, if you like these types of thing, then go for it. The price is good for the value, and for the most part, has iongredients that are better than lotions and creams double the price!
If you want to order the products click here

Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Look Like She’s Aged A Day From Her Recent Gap Ad To Her First Ad In 1992


So bewitching! Naomi Campbell is among a star-studded roster of celebs who appear in Gap’s new Generation Gap effort, which promotes a |limited edition ’90s Archive Re Issue collection available on-line, as well as in select shops beginning February 7.
Naturally, this isn’t the very first time the Empire star, 46, has worked together with the well-loved denim brand. In fact, the supermodel has hardly aged since 1992, when she first appeared in a campaign for the business. In both pictures, the Vogue cover girl outfits her lithe body in a simple white tee and short denim shorts, wearing her long black hair stick-straight and center-parted.
In the video and photographs from your 2017 project, Campbell models among celeb offspring, including Rumer Willis, Evan Ross, Lizzy Jagger, TJ Mizell, Chelsea Tyler and Coco Gordon. All members of the younger set, who sing an a cappella version of Color Me Badd’s “All 4 Love” in the video, have parents who appeared in ’90s-age Gap advertisements. Based on a release from the brand, Campbell appears with the next generation of tastemakers as a nod to days gone by and generation.
Involving the revival of ’90s crazes, Campbell still doesn’t understand where the interest came from. “I have no idea,” she told “I think everything really does come around again in a slightly different way and we will always interpret different decades in our own way What’s great about these simple jeans and tees is that they are basics that will never go away and are|so are just constants in all of our lives. I’ve always loved the cardis too. All of it is just comfortable.”
Despite the fact that she’s a professional, she still noticed important differences between her very first time working with Gap and now. “This video was much bigger than when I shot the original ad,” she continued. “Back in the day, the ’90s shoots were just done on a much smaller scale. … I’m a dancer, I’ve studied classical dance. It took me a minute to learn the little dance we all did together. We didn’t rehearse or anything like that. I felt like it was more organic for me to just go and pick it up on the spot — we didn’t want it to seem like a performance.”

Try Out The Newest Shade In Hair Fashion…Blorange!


Thinking of changing up your hair color? Try out a “blorange” look, a combination of blonde and orange, the newest trend in hair fashion! It’s the updated and newest version of strawberry blonde.

Is blorange pink? Peach? Whatever color it is, all we know is that it’s a wicked shade you should try out!

So forget rose gold colored hair, unicorn hair, and rainbow hair! Blorange is the way to go!

Some Chinese New Year Beauty and Fashion Traditions You Didn’t Know About


On Saturday, January 28, New Years will be celebrated once again in the form of Lunar New Years, or others know as Chinese New Year.

For those unaware of the happenings that take place during Chinese New Year, some events associated with this holiday includes lion dances, big-scale family feasts and lucky red envelope exchanges. All these festivities are in celebration for the year’s zodiac animal, which is the rooster this year.
You may or may not know that this 15 day long celebration is quite expensive since people are spending money on rituals they hope will bring good fortune to them for the year. What kind of rituals are these? Some include buying new attire or changing one’s look. The following list below includes some of the traditions celebrators of Chinese New Year partake in, though some of these practices are no longer followed or completely forgotten about.
1. Purchasing new clothing (avoid black and white for these color represent death; go for some red or gold color!)

2. Getting a haircut and washing your hair (Note: This should be done before Chinese New Year)

3. Wearing new PJs

4. Sleeping in new undergarments on the eve of Chinese New Year

5. Buying and wearing new shoes

6. Wearing red lipstick

7. Carrying a new bag

Some of these traditions may sound weird, but it’s all for good luck and wealth for the year! So why not buy a new outfit in hopes of throwing away bad luck.

You Won’t Want to ‘Sleep’ on This Men’s Runway Look from Paris Fashion Week


Shows at fashion week can range from “ooo I like that,” to the straight up “but, why?” There are a lot of interesting things coming out of the creative minds in the fashion industry, whether they’re all wearable is debatable, with a couple of showings from the Rick Owen show as an example.
One of the trailblazer’s in the fashion industry, Rick Owen’s has established his worth. For over 2 decades he has released multiple brands with multiple lines, I think it’s safe to say that he knows what he is doing. There are always going to be two aspects of runway fashion: ready to wear, and simply outrageous that you will never wear. Here’s an example of the latter.

More than something as comfort for a getaway in the woods, sleeping bags are now making their debut as clothing, but I think this is one is something you might wanna take a pass on.

Functional? Debatable. Stylish? In my eyes, no. But I think we should give credit to the fashion icon for trying new things, pushing the boundaries to explore and hopefully motivate others to see what kinds of things can be created in the future. Bravo Mr. Owens, bravo.

Celebrate Lunar New Years With These Cute Rooster Accessories


2017 marks the year of the rooster and why not celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with some fashionable rooster-themed accessories!
From card cases, bag charms, to makeup, and bracelets, this list has all the rooster-inspired pieces you’ll want.

Spruce Up Your Style With Inspiration From These 80’s Classics


Due to the ever changing nature fashion, style trends may be hot one day, and gone the next. People are constantly looking to reinvent their looks, and pull inspiration from all aspects of life and history. Looking to switch it up, but unsure how how to go about it? Why not try the 1980’s aesthetic. There are plenty of different styles you can take a look at, but here are some suggestions:

Fitting in with the trend of hybrid clothing, featuring active wear like yoga pants, why not add to that comfort with the style of a good old tracksuit. You got the classic Adidas, which in my opinion can never go out of style, but there are plenty of brands out there for whatever works for you! For the more daring, experiment with materials like velour or velvet. Gold chains and bucket hats not included.
Power Shoulders

Mostly for the ladies, but this look incites attention while demanding power, Use that 80’s aesthetic to add more depth to your jackets, or that favorite blazer that’s missing a certain something.
Neon Colors

Something to make a statement about how fun and vibrant you are. The colors you showcase are a reflection on you, so have some fun with it, experiment! Try not to go overboard with too many contrasting colors, as it will make you seem as if you are trying too hard. Try to limit yourself to one big flashy item, but if you play around and see something fit, why not rock multiples.

Kylie Jenner Is Bringing Back Juicy With New Bedazzled Tracksuit


Kylie Jenner wears a Juicy Couture tracksuit, a fashion trend that previously made Hollywood go crazy for in the early 2000s. Posted on Instagram, the 19-year-old showed off her shiny, navy track pants with “Juicy” written in Swarovski crystals.

The outfit is one piece out of Vetement’s Spring 2017 Collection, which made its debut in July last year during Paris Couture Week. The tracksuit revamped in a collaboration between designer Demna Gvasalia and Juicy Couture. The designer displayed the modified velour pieces along with other fashion brand looks with the idea of taking the iconic tracksuit and framing it to fit Vetements’. This resulted in an upgraded tracksuit with a higher waist and slimmer fit.

Juicy tracksuits were a big hit in the early 2000s, as proven by every Hollywood It Girl who wore it then: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, J.Lo to name a few. Let’s not forget Paris Hilton and her signature pink tracksuit!

It appears as though 2017 is a throwback year to past fashion trends! So join the trend and put on your Juicy pants, we all know you still have them!