What Is Each State Eating For The Super Bowl?


After commercials and the actual game, one of the most important elements to Super Bowl Sunday is the food. Everyone knows that wings are king at Super Bowl — the National Super Bowl Council predicts Americans will eat more than 1.3 billion wings this year. But wings are the easy part. Some people are turning to the Internet to find homemade recipes to add more depth and diversity to their Sunday night spreads. Depending on where you’re from, you might have different ideas of what makes the perfect Super Bowl party snack — the dip, the dessert, or the appetizers.
Google Trends compiled a list of top recipes and beer searches relating to the Super Bowl. The results reflect the most popular items searched, two weeks before the Super Bowl, and can give an idea of what people around the country are interested in making for the biggest sports event of the year. Trends divided the food items into three categories: desserts, dips/salsas, wings, chili, and “other.” The beer choices were ale, India pale ale, and porter.
The final score: Dessert is MVP on the West Coast, which has the strongest sweet tooth. Among the most popular Super Bowl dessert recipes searched in America were cupcakes, including “football cupcakes” in Texas. Meanwhile, much of the Midwest and East Coast are searching for dips and salsas to go with the obligatory wings and tortilla chips on Game Day. The most popular dip is the buffalo wing dip — not surprising, considering wings remain one of the most popular game day snacks in America.
On February 5, during Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots will square off against the Atlanta Falcons. In Massachusetts, where the Patriots are based, a lot of fans will probably be dipping their wings in homemade buffalo chicken dip, according to the data. Meanwhile, people in Georgia, home to the Falcons, are predicted to be spicing up their parties homemade pico de gallo salsa.
In terms of beer, most of the country is using Google to find ale to drink during the Super Bowl. India pale ale comes in second. But only one state, Arkansas, is interested in porters. Whatever the beer of choice, as more Super Bowl party-planners try to get creative, there may be some new snack favorites to look out for even before kickoff.

Delightful Fruit & Cashew Smoothie Recipe

maxresdefault (8)

Cashews, great source of protein, rich in vitamins and amazing source of antioxidants. When ground up, cashews provide a smooth and delectable texture which can be a great addition to any smoothie.
When looking for a tasty way to integrate healthy alternatives into your diet, nuts can provide you with a great source of mono saturated fat, with cashews having a lower fat content than other nuts.

Some great benefits that cashews provide include:
• Strengthening of bones
• Aid in weight loss
• Abundant source of minerals
• Antioxidant
• Lowers blood pressure
• Regulates nerve cells
When in a time crunch and looking for something tasty, filling and quick, try out this recipe for our delicious cashew fruit smoothie:

Delightful Fruit & Cashew Smoothie

• Handful of cashews
• 250 ml milk
• 1 banana
• Handful of berries/frozen fruit
• 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
• Pinch of salt
• 1 tablespoon chia seeds
Toss liquid, cashews and fruit into the blender, then add cinnamon, salt and chia seeds on top. Pulse blender for 30 or so seconds, to ensure everything gets properly mixed. To achieve additional thickness, add in a couple ice cubes if you decide to use fresh fruit.

Bon appetit!

Healthy Foods You Need To Be Eating


Learn how to eat healthier this 2017 by adding new additions into your dishes. You don’t have to give up on taste, rather think of it as adding life to old meals! It’s as simple as sprinkling bits into your salads, soups, rice and baked goods or substituting out rice for something healthier and filled with more nutrients. Hopefully these suggestions will inspire you to try and eat something new.

6 Tasty Food Trends To Look Out For in 2017


This time last year, we shared in this space predictions for 2016 food trends, with Baum + Whiteman, an international food-and-restaurant consulting company, pointing to poké as one.
Boy, was it right: with the Poké Shop, Pacific Poké, and Poké Time just some of the eateries that specialize in the Hawaiian dish (of cubed raw fish) that have opened in Vancouver during the past 12 months, poké spots proved almost as popular as Pokémon Go stops last year.
The year ahead, according to that New York–based powerhouse, will see a rise in breakfast sandwiches and tacos, fried chicken for the first meal of the day, the use of vegetable stems and trims (think beet greens, horseradish leaves, and carrot tops), and various types of squash, among other items. Plus, look for radishes everywhere.
Here are a few more foods that are expected to be hot in 2017.

Purple veggies

Violet is where it’s at, with purple cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and corn gaining popularity, and not just because they look striking on a plate.
“We talk about eating the rainbow and eating a variety of different colours,” says Grant Daisley, Whole Foods Market’s associate marketing coordinator for Western Canada. “We’re really familiar with greens and reds and oranges, but purple is popping up more and more…. They’re really nutrient-dense and full of antioxidants.”
Some of the things that produce that colour are anthocyanins—pigments with antioxidant properties—that give the veggies their bright hue and may have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer benefits.

New noodles

Look for pasta made of quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, veggies, and kelp.
Cowichan Pasta, on Vancouver Island, has been pursuing this particular passion since 2010 and claims to be the first pasta company in Canada to make stone-ground noodles with ancient grains such as spelt, emmer, Khorasan, and red fife.

Savoury seaweed

Greens such as fresh and dried kelp, wakame, dulse, and nori will shine even more brightly this year, with Japanese-inspired eating beyond sushi becoming more mainstream.
“We’re seeing nori everywhere—in kids’ snacks, even,” Daisley says. “Japanese cuisine, and the idea of eating fish and lots of vegetables, is associated with a healthy diet and lifestyle. We’re seeing more Japanese condiments, too,” like ponzu and plum vinegar.

Craft cider

Just as the craft-beer industry has exploded in these parts, a cider sector could well flourish. Some breweries, such as Central City, make their own cider, while other local companies, like the Fraser Valley Cider Company, are specializing in the beverage.
“The raspberry cider they made this summer was so delicious,” says Angie Quaale—founder of Well Seasoned, a Langley gourmet-food store—of the latter. “There are so many interesting takes on craft cider. It’s a fun way to change the flavour profiles seasonally with the addition of local fruit and herbs.
“For people that don’t want to, don’t like to, or actually can’t drink beer because of allergies, cider is a great, fresh alternative.”

Nashville chicken

Quaale is a barbecue expert (she has competed throughout North America), and she sees this smokin’-hot version of the crispy comfort food as the next big thing in the dish’s local evolution.
“Nashville ‘hot’ is one of the hottest regional specialties in America,” she says. “It’s for fans of classic fried chicken who like to enjoy food with bursting flavours, particularly on the extreme side of spice.
“The original recipe comes from a place called Hattie B’s. It is a dry-brined chicken, dredged in a seasoned-flour mixture after being soaked in milk, eggs, and hot sauce. The chicken is then fried until crispy and finally tossed in a saucy mixture of melted butter, lard, and, of course, lots of cayenne pepper and a bit of brown sugar.
“It’s served with white bread and sweet pickles. I prefer mine considerably less fiery than the original version, but it’s that intense bit of heat, paired with the crispy hot chicken, that reminds you that you are alive.”

Coconut flour

Alternative flours are becoming more commonplace, and this particular type comes with numerous health benefits. It’s gluten-free; high in protein, fibre, and “good” fats; and low in sugar and calories.
Flour made from the versatile nut/fruit/seed is appearing in wraps and can be used in other products.
“Coconut flour or other alternatives cannot replace wheat flour cup for cup in baking, but they can be used in many recipes as a replacement,” Quaale says. “Dredged fish made with coconut or almond flour is phenomenal. Coconut flour also works well when used as an ingredient in the crumble topping of a fruit crumble or cobbler.”

In Search of the Fountain of Youth? Hold Off For Now, Research Suggests Eating Chili Peppers Could Add 10 Years To Your Lifespan


A red hot chili pepper a day might not be to everyone’s taste.
But now there’s more reason than ever to put up with the heat and embrace the spice.
There could be a link between a love for spicy food and a longer life , says research from the Public Library of Science journal, PLoS One.

The US study reports that regular consumption of red hot chili peppers could extend your life by 13 per cent, giving the average Brit an extra 10.5 years.
It states that those who consume chilies are 13 per cent less likely to avoid dying early compared to those who avoid them.
More than 16,000 adults were surveyed based on their diets, background and health from 1988 to 1994. Then participants were checked up on over the next 18 years.

People who ate red chilies on regular basis had a mortality rate of under 22 per cent, while those that avoided cooking with them had a rate of over 33 per cent.
Some of the participants might have used red chilies to cook, while others may have bravely eaten them whole.
But what apparently mattered was that they absorbed the special ingredient that gives spicy food its kick.
Capsicum is the cause of both the chili’s health benefits and its fiery bite, experts at PLoS say.

This isn’t the first time scientists have explored the healing effects of capsicum.
Only last month, scientists from the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany, treated human samples of breast cancer cells with the peppery ingredient to find out more about their ability to destroy them.
Chilies have also been used by health fanatics for their supposed ability to speed up fat loss.
Capsicum can allegedly increase the speed the body metabolises fat and protect against bad teeth.
Different types of hot peppers contain pro-A, B and C vitamins, antioxidants and can have inflammatory effects.

Ordering Just Got Creepy At KFC With Latest Tech Implementation

BEIJING, CHINA - 2014/07/22: A KFC restaurant in a shopping mall.  KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and other Western brands are suffering a food safety crises in the Chinese market. On July 20, 2014,  Shanghai Fuxi food Ltd. the meat supplier for well-known international fast food chains such as McDonalds and Yum Group, was exposed for using expired and bad chicken and beef. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)

KFC has just changed the game of how customers order food… and it’s a bit creepy.
BEIJING, CHINA - 2014/07/22: A KFC restaurant in a shopping mall.  KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and other Western brands are suffering a food safety crises in the Chinese market. On July 20, 2014,  Shanghai Fuxi food Ltd. the meat supplier for well-known international fast food chains such as McDonalds and Yum Group, was exposed for using expired and bad chicken and beef. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The international fast food chain just debuted a technology that uses facial recognition to allow customer to order food. The first KFC restuarant to implement such technology can be found in Beijing, China. Partnering with Baidu, a Chinese search engine, the new ordering system uses articial intelligence to provide recommendations according to a customer’s gender, age and mood.
For example, “A male customer in his early 20s may be recommended a set meal of crispy chicken hamburger, roasted chicken wings and Coke for lunch, while a female customer in her 50s would be suggested to have porridge and soybean milk for breakfast,” the release said.
Not only does the AI can make a meal recommendation based on your apperance and features, but it can also save a picture of your face so the next time you visit the restuarant, it’ll have your order saved for future purchases. According to Baidu, this will also reduce one’s order time. It’s pretty efficient once you get passed how weird and creepy it sounds.

The Scientific Approach to Devouring Fewer Junk Food

Fit young woman fighting off fast food

You can’t deny the fact that junk food is amazingly delicious. Sometimes you just need eat a box of donuts or devour that family bag of chips by yourself to keep your mental health in check.
And there’s nothing wrong with that.
A life entirely without junk food would be a miserable slog, ending in a funeral and wake which no one would stay at because there’d be no good food on offer.
But there is a lot to be said for eating a lot less crap. Curbing your chances of becoming obese and developing cardiovascular disease, joint pain, diabetes shouldn’t be scoffed at.
Apart from anything, junk food can be addictive and it can be a hard habit to crack if you just want to consume a little less.

But new research claims to have discovered an effective way of helping us to eat less junk food (without swerving it all together).
They say that all you need to do is serve the food to yourself, rather than have someone give it to you.
So that means cutting yourself a slice of that office cake rather than letting someone else serve you.
The study, published in the Journal of Marketing Research, says that people eat less unhealthy food when they’re in control of how much they have in front of them.
Researchers conducted five different experiments on a group of volunteers who were brought to a room where Reese’s Pieces were on offer.

Different serving methods were tried out, including the chocolates being served in a big communal bowl, as well as being dished up in small, individual cups.
When they were in the bowl, none of the volunteers helped themselves, while a third ate the chocolates when served in individual portions.
‘We find that when participants are given the choice of whether or not to consume snacks that they perceive as relatively unhealthy, they have a greater inclination to consume these snacks when less (versus more) physical involvement is required to help themselves to the food,’ the study says.
That means when you have to physically get up, go over to the kitchen, and cut or select whatever food option is there, you’re more likely to eat less than if someone just passed you a box of chocolates at your desk, or offered you a slice of cake.

‘We suggest that this behaviour occurs because being less physically involved in serving one’s food allows participants to reject responsibility for unhealthy eating and thus to feel better about themselves following indulgent consumption,’ it concludes.
So if you want to cut down on the junk food, maybe the answer is to measure out your own portion rather than allowing other people to serve you.
As with anything, the key is moderation.

7 Nausea Inducing Fast Food Stories That Will Make You Rethink Your Choices


You’ve probably been out to eat with someone who says something like, “Don’t do anything that will make the waiter spit in your food.” Does that actually happen though? Well, if you’re a rude customer, it might. (Yup.)
To find out all of the gross things that go down at restaurants, Cosmopolitan.com spoke to seven people who have worked, or still work, in the restaurant business. Spoiler alert: You might want to skip that 1 a.m. McDonald’s run.
1. “This is frowned upon, of course, but there has been a time or two that a customer has been overly obnoxious and their lid ‘accidentally fell on the floor’ and then was used for their drink. Customers purposely irritating you might end up with a dirty lid.—Bela, current Dunkin’ Donuts employee
2.If the ice cream machine isn’t cleaned properly there will be moldy milk under it and it’s really disgusting. The McDonald’s I worked at cleaned it once a week, but some don’t [clean] as often so it smells so gross and it’s just disgusting.” —Emily, former McDonald’s employee
3.Everyone in the drive-through (about four to six people, usually) spit in this one guy’s Blizzard because they didn’t like him. I think it was a high school grudge, but it was the grossest thing.” —Rachel, former Dairy Queen employee
4. “I’ve worked at Chipotle for a year and a half and the grossest thing will always be when people stick their hands over the sneeze guard to point to what they want. The sneeze guard at my old store was maybe 1-foot tall, so it happened constantly. At my current store it’s almost 3-feet tall and customers will still go to extremes to almost touch the food. Yuck!” —Janice, former Chipotle employee
5. “My first job in high school was as a cashier at Whataburger, a local fast food place in Texas. Since cashiers were also in charge of frying stuff, like fries and onion rings, I always smelled like grease and fries. No matter how many times I showered or washed my hair, I could still smell it. It basically oozed from my pores and I only had about three or four shifts a week.” —Mylan, former Whataburger employe
6. “One time, someone had explosive diarrhea and it got all over the walls in the men’s bathroom. Bleh.” —Catherine, former Chick-fil-A employee
7. “Generally, the most ordered items go fast, so you’re constantly making new ones. But in really quiet periods, it’s possible that items can sit there for hours, and then when they’re finally ordered, be served to someone. So we definitely served some old burgers and nuggets to people at like 1 a.m.” — Todd, former McDonald’s employee

Harry Potter Inspired Restaurant Opens Up in Brooklyn


Get your brooms ready to go for a Harry Potter themed restuarant has opened up in Brooklyn! A little far from Hogwarts but at Pasta Wiz, any fan of the Harry Potter books and films series will have delightful time at this Wilamsburg-based restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the popular books and films, the restaurant is decked out with medieval-like lighting fixtures, big leather chairs, wax candles, goblets, and even a sorting hat. Though you won’t be able to find any Butterbeer for sale, it’s still something for Potter Fans to enjoy.
Alex Dimitrov, owner of the recently opened Potter inspired restaurant, said that “The place is magical so [the] Harry Potter theme came naturally,” via an email exchange with Huffington Post, “We do plan to have Harry Potter-themed events and meet ups.”
Although the restaurant is inspired by the Potter world, the menu is a whole different story. In fact, nothing on the menu resembles anything in the books or movies. Rather, you’ll find pasta dishes, crepes, ice cream, and smoothies as some of the items you can order.
According to Dimitrov, the “magic” on the menu happens through the 3-5 minunte turnaround time when pasta is ordered.
So far J.K Rowling and Warner Bros have not said anything in regards to the Harry Potter themed restaurant. We shall see if any conflict should arise, but since Pasta Wiz isn’t selling anything like Butterbeer, it should be in the clear.

Disgusting Undesirables Your Favorite Foods May Contain


When was the last time you read the label, and how closely?
The ingredients list may reveal unexpected, and often unwanted, extra ingredients lurking in your favourite supermarket foods.
From pork fat in roast chicken bites to sugar containing traces of bones, these are the most alarming examples of when innocuous-soundings products contain very surprising additions.


Muller Light yoghurts contain gelatine, which is made from skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows which are boiled in water

Many yoghurts, especially low-fat yoghurts such as Muller Light, contain gelatine.
Gelatine is of course made from skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows which are boiled in water, according to PETA.
It is rich in collagen and commonly used as a gelling agent in desserts, dips, yogurts, sweets and marshmallows.
If you’re Jewish, Muslim or vegetarian, you may want to read the label much more closely next time you go to pick up a yoghurt.
On its website, Muller says: ‘We indicate if our products are suitable for vegetarians on the packaging. The following ranges include a good selection of vegetarian products: Müller Fruit Corner, Müller Crunch Corner, Müller Breakfast Corner, Müller Greek Style Yogurt Corner, Müller Rice, Little Stars fromage frais, Müllerlight Chocolate Fix desserts and Amoré.’


As sugar isn’t naturally white, some manufacturers use bone char to make it that colour

As sugar isn’t naturally white, some manufacturers use bone char to make it that colour – often referred to as ‘natural carbon’. It is quite literally the charred bones of an animal.
According to PETA, supermarket brands obtain their sugar from several different refineries, making it impossible to know whether it has been filtered with bone char.


Non-organic bananas are sprayed with a pesticide which may contain animal parts.
According to Science Daily, the pesticide Chitosan, which fights bacteria and prevents bananas from over-ripening, is made from shrimp and crab shells.


You would not expect to find pork fat in a packet of roast chicken bites

You would not expect to find pork fat in a packet of Asda roast chicken bites but it’s there on the label – and if you’re Jewish or Muslim, this could present a big problem.
The pork flat is clearly listed on the ingredients list, however – which was not the case for a beef lasgane served up at restaurants owned by Whitbread.
Just last week, the company was forced to apologise for using pork in its beef lasagne recipe without telling its customers.


Red sweets or any other foods which are coloured with a natural red dye will more often than not contain animal products.
Carmine, which is made from dead crushed up beetles, comes about when the insects are boiled with sodium carbonate or ammonia, which then produces the attractive, bright red dye.


Some Worcestershire sauces such as Lea & Perrins actually contain anchovies

It’s often added to stews and a Bloody Mary to enliven them, but some Worcestershire sauces such as Lea & Perrins actually contain anchovies.
The fish in the sauce gives it an umami flavour, which is what gives food a moreish savoury taste.


Some ice creams contain the ingredient ‘castoreum’ – which comes from a beaver’s anal glands.
It’s most often found in natural vanilla ice creams and the ingredient is allowed to be called a ‘natural flavouring’.
It’s enough to put you off your raspberry ripple.


Some supermarket sausages, including cocktail sausages, are contained within beef casing and this is also the case with Tesco’s sausage casserole

Some supermarket sausages, including cocktail sausages, are contained within beef casing and this is also the case with Tesco’s sausage casserole.
The pork-based dish contains beef as well, so steer clear if that puts you off.
A spokesperson for Tesco said: ‘We take great care to clearly label all our products to provide honest and helpful information so that customers can make an informed decision on what they wish to buy.’


Some breads and pastries contain L-cysteine, an amino acid used in the baking industry as a dough conditioner and it’s used to prolong the shelf life of many bread-based products.
L-cysteine can be derived from human hair because it is the cheapest source of the acid.


There’s a good chance that when you buy a fig, the fruit contains a dead wasp

There’s a good chance that when you buy a fig, the fruit contains a dead wasp.
This happens when a wasp pollinates a fig and gets stuck inside the fruit and dies there.
However, when you do bite into the fig, you won’t be able to see the dead wasp contained within as an enzyme in the fruit converts the wasp into protein.


This beef paste is made up of 33 per cent minced chicken

If you’re buying beef paste, you’d probably expect the only meat to be found in the jar to be beef.
But actually, the ingredients list of the Asda spread reveals that it is made up of 33 per cent minced chicken.
An Asda spokesman said: ‘The ingredients in our products are carefully chosen to maximise quality, appearance and flavour, but everything is clearly labelled for our customers to make an informed choice.’