Ben Affleck No Longer Directing “The Batman”


Stepping down from his director chair, Ben Affleck is ditching the director role for his upcoming solo movie as the Batman.
Affleck is still onboard in playing the DC superhero but will let someone else step in to helm the standalone film.
Affleck’s reason for stepping down as director is because the actor wanted to keep all his focus and passion to playing the role of the dark knight.
Actor and director Ben Affleck poses for a photograph on the red carpet at the gala for the new movie "Argo" during the 37th annual Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Friday, Sept. 7, 2012. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)
Affleck will return as the Batman in the “Justice League” film set to hit theaters on Nov. 17.
Rumored for 2018, The Batman will most likely be a sequel to Justice League.

James Baldwin’s “I Am Not Your Negro” Holds Meaningful Words For A Divided Ameria


Oscar nominee “I Am Not Your Negro” is up for Best Documentary Feature and it seems like it’s the type of movie America might need at the moment.
Raoul Peck’s dynamic film is about James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript that traces the civil-rights movement, as well as popular culture, and how concerning African-Americans are depicted in such.
A joint exclusive clip featuring the late Baldwin from The Huffington Post and parent company, AOL, shows him voicing out the importance of optimism.
Baldwin talks about optimism being a survival tool for the country’s rejection to solve many years of racial injustices.
“I Am Not Your Negro” is set to be playing in select theatres beginning Feb. 3.

Latino Actor Diego Luna To Play Lead in “Scarface” Reboot?

WESTWOOD, CA - August 7, 2013: Diego Luna at the Los Angeles Premiere of TriStar Pictures' ELYSIUM at the Regency Village Theatre.

In recent news regarding the “Scarface” reboot, it seems like the film might just got its leading man!
WESTWOOD, CA - August 7, 2013: Diego Luna at the Los Angeles Premiere of TriStar Pictures' ELYSIUM at the Regency Village Theatre.
After the announcement of director Antoine Fuqua leaving the reboot project, Variety has reported that actor Diego Luna, from “Rogue One”, will be starring in the film.
The reboot of “Scarface” will tell the story of an immigrant from Mexico in contemporary Los Angeles.
Previous rumors included Leonardo DiCaprio to be up for the lead role for the reboot. If the rumors were true, it would have been the second time for “Scarface” that a non-Latino would portray a Latino lead.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story..L to R: Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)..Ph: Jonathan Olley..© 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Luna’s performance in the latest Star Wars film, “Rogue One”, was a positive example of Latino representation in Hollywood films, after Luna decided to keep his thick Mexican accent for the role.

What Justin Guarini Thinks About His First Acting Gig “From Justin To Kelly”


Starring in Broadway’s “In Transit”, Justin Guarini has settled into his career.
The 38-year-old American Idol Alum shares that he doesn’t ever want to leave Broadway. When it comes to the Broadway community, Guarini has “never felt more welcomed” as he does now.

Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini during "American Idol" Season 1 Finale - Results Show at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)
Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini during “American Idol” Season 1 Finale – Results Show at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

It has almost been 15 years since Guarini has appeared on American Idol, where he ended up as runner- up to the winner of season 1, Kelly Clarkson.
In regards to Guarini’s first acting gig, he states that when his daughter saw the 2003 movie “From Justin To Kelly”, she was upset and angry at Clarkson for kissing her father.
As for Guarini himself, he thinks that his first film was something he had fun doing, but also something that couldn’t be taken seriously.

Cast of “Lord Of The Rings” Film Franchise Reunite!


The stars of the hit “Lord of the Rings” film franchise got together for a reunion, and I dare to say- it was oh so precious.
Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan met up for a guys’ night out.
The gang decided to photograph their reunion and share it on Instagram, in which fans were able to see the guys donning fake swords and bow and arrows.
The friends played hobbits Frodo, Merry and Pippin, Wood, Monaghan, and Boyd respectively, Elfen Legolas was played by Bloom and Aragorn by Mortensen. The trilogy films were released from 2001 to 2003.
Bloom posted photos taken from the set of “Fellowship of the Ring” last month to celebrate the film’s 15th anniversary.

“Fifty Shades Darker” Will Pay Homage To One Of The Film Star’s Mother


Star of “Fifty Shades Darker” Dakota Johnson spills on the Today Show that the film will be paying homage to the actress’s mom, Melanie Griffith.
The 27-year-old actress revealed that there will be a surprise moment in the film though she doesn’t go on to explain further as she didn’t want to spoil the surprise.
When asked if the surprise was some kind of homage to her mom, Johnson revealed that it was and hopes that people will understand the reference.
Johnson and co-star Jamie Dornan reprises their role as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades Darker”, set to hit theaters Feb. 10.

Preview Of Ariana Grande and John Legend’s Duet for “Beauty and the Beast” In Latest Trailer


We were all filled with excitement when we learned that Ariana Grande and John Legend would be partaking in the recording of the theme song for “Beauty and the Beast”. But we didn’t know how long we had to wait before we could hear the tune.
Well, wait no longer, cause the song is finally here!
Released on Monday was Disney’s last trailer for the upcoming live action “Beauty and the Beast” remake of the classic fairy tale. And with the release, we got to hear the long awaited Grande and Legend duet. To our expectations, the two singers sound amazing together and we couldn’t be more excited for the film!
The film is slated to hit theaters on March 2017.

Cast of “Pitch Perfect” Have An Awkward Reunion Party


It seems like the cast and crew of “Pitch Perfect 3” know how to have a good time! Getting into character, as well as dressing up in costume, the cast and crew partook in a themed party.
From Brittany Snow’s Instagram photo she posted on Sunday, the party’s theme was “awkward family reunion”.
Embodying the party’s theme, Snow dressed up for the get together as “drunk cougar Aunt Sharon”.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11_04_29 AM
The film won’t be premiering in theaters til the end of this year in December.

Stars of the “Harry Potter” Films Remind Us What The “Potter” Stories Are All About

Actor Jason Isaacs poses for photographers at the photo call for the film Things People Do at the International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Axel Schmidt)

Even though he took on the role of Lucius Malfoy, a loathsome death eater, in the “Harry Potter” films, Jason Issacs actually a nice guy in real life.
Actor Jason Isaacs poses for photographers at the photo call for the film Things People Do at the International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Axel Schmidt)
In fact, the actor stopped by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando Resort with fellow actor Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, over the weekend to meet with fans.
While answering questions, the actors were suddenly reminded the important themes the “Harry Potter” stories conveyed within.
Issacs reminded fans that “Harry Potter” was about “fighting facism, embracing diversity and never giving up hope”.
As for the author of the popular book series, J.K. Rowling was someone who was not afraid to voice out her opinions, even in politics. She has spoken out about many political issues, even calling Trump “a giant orange Twitter egg” at one point.

What “Titanic” Director James Cameron Has To Say About “Raft” Debate Fans Still Are On About


After surviving the sinking of the ship, Titanic, Rose and Jack are left treading the frozen waters as they cling onto a plank to help them keep afloat. Unfortunately, Jack becomes a victim of the icey cold waters and he slips away lifelessly from his beloved.
It’s been two decades since “Titanic” premiered in 1997, becoming a hit blockbuster. However, fans have still been at odds in regards to whether or not Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, could have lived if Kate Winslet’s character shared the plank with Jack since the fans believed that the raft had room to fit two people on it.
The film’s director, James Cameron, however has stated in the past that it wasn’t surface area that was the problem, but it was a problem of buoyancy.
Camereon brought up the episode of “Mythbusters” where the two hosts tested the theory of whether or not the plank could have supported two lives. In the episode, the hosts of the TV show realized that to solve the problem of buoyancy, the two could have tied their life jackets together to place on the underside of the raft.
Cameron dismissed the solution brought up by the Mythbusters’ host and claims that it would not have worked given the dire situation Jack and Rose were in.