Tamron Hall’s Reason For Walking Away From “Today” Revealed

TODAY -- Pictured: Tamron Hall appears on NBC News' "Today" show -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

A new chapter begins for Tamron Hall.
It was shocking and sudden when the co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” show announced that she would be leaving her role at the network. The reason for her departure is due to the fact that she was told that she had to give up her 9 am slot for new star, Megyn Kelly, who would be joining the network in September.
Hall’s decision to leave NBC left many people in shock, though NBC wishes her all the best despite their disappointment. Hall added in the joint statement with NBC that she was excited for her new chapter.
This week’s issue of PEOPLE contains an exclusive feature on Hall. The story tells of what really happened and what essentially made the accomplished journalist to leave her dream job after working so many years up the rank.
A source reveals that everything was going well for Hall until she received a congratulatory email from an executive, stating how Hall and Al Roker beat out Live with Kelly in ratings, before going on to tell Hall that Megyn Kelly will be joining and that Tamron had to move to make room.
A close source however reveals that Hall knew that her current 9 am slot was not set in stone and that the journalist was offered a good deal to remain at “Today” and the network. The source also discloses how the staff feels hurt and that they believe Hall put herself first and above the team.
For Hall however, the new deal to her appeared as a “demotion” since she was going to lose her highest profiled role to newcomer Kelly.
A source close to Hall states that Hall is a “woman of integrity and she’s writing her own story”.
Tamron Hall's colorblocked outfit on TODAY
See the issue of PEOPLE magazine for the full exclusive.

Kellyanne Conway Previously Discusses “Bowling Green Massacre” Before Appearance On ‘Hardball’

Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, listens as Trump holds a roundtable meeting with the Republican Leadership Initiative in his offices at Trump Tower in New York, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Before her appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball, Kellyanne Conway discussed the fabricated “Bowling Green massacre” in an interview with Cosmopolitan.com.
Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, listens as Trump holds a roundtable meeting with the Republican Leadership Initiative in his offices at Trump Tower in New York, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
In an interview with the website, Conway referred to the nonexistent terrorist attack just days before bringing her claims to MSNBC, which had gone viral after her appearance on Thursday.
As stated in her interview with MSNBC, Conway, who served as the campaign manager for Trump and who is now serving as his counselor, told Cosmopolitan.com, in a matter of fact, that Barack Obama had requested a temporary ban on Iraqi refugees because two Iraqi nationals had joined ISIS and came back into the US and orchestrated the Bowling Green massacre, an event that resulted in the loss of innocent soldier lives.
The event that Conway is talking about refers to the two Iraqi men living in Bowling Green, Kentucky, who were indicated on federal terrorism charges in 2011.
Both men are serving out their sentences in prison for their actions, though an actual massacre is not one of them.
Conway has since tweeted that she had actually meant “terrorist”, not “massacre” after receiving backlash for her unsubstantiated claims on Hardball.

This Shocking Dr Phil Interview Might Make You Doubt Humanity!


For two months, Kala Brown braved through an unimaginable and horrifying ordeal. Now participating for the first time in an interview with Dr. Phil, the 30-year-old woman speaks out about her experience of being kidnapped and held by an accused serial killer.
After being chained up “like a dog” for over two months since she was reported missing, Brown was found in metal container on her abductor’s, Todd Kohlhepp, property. The police also found on the property the body of Brown’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver.
Brown told the police that she witnessed Carver being shot by Kohlhepp. Her captor then proceeded to pose as Brown’s boyfriend on social media.
The Anderson Independent Mail reports that Kohlhepp is being charged with the murder of Carver, as well as six other people for a total of seven counts of murder. Also found on Kohlhepp’s property was Johnny and Meagan Coxie, while the last four counts were for murders he committed in 2003.
In her interview with Phil McGraw, Brown recounts being sexually assaulted, handcuffed, chained and gagged by her abductor. But even after experiencing her horrifying ordeal, Brown tells that Kohlhepp did not break her or destroy her, cause she won in the end.
Tune in for Dr. Phil on Feb. 13 and 14 to view the full interview with Kala Brown.

Miranda Lambert Is Bringing Her ‘Honest & True’ Self On Tour


Each and every single Miranda Lambert record is a quick peek into her life when she is creating the album.
The country star went through a very public and painful divorce from Country music’s bad boy, Blake Shelton, and you can hear her pain and struggle on her latest album!
Some songs like ‘runnin’ Just In Case’, ‘Highway Vagabond’ show Miranda’s want to leave, and we are sure to see that on her tour!
“I am just trying to show the real me when I make a record,” Miranda told us. “I almost always write about what’s going on in my life because it’s a form of therapy for me. All my albums have me sown into the fabric of them, this one just happened to be during a rough time in my life.”

“The entire album from beginning to end is my journey of feeling unspeakable pain to the vulnerable-ness that coincides with divorce to happiness and how I worked my way through it.”
There was no doubt that Miranda would pull through this very public divorce, she is, after all, a Texas-born arse-kicker. Miranda, who’s charting hits are endless, isn’t only strong but she claims she defies the country norms.
“I had no intentions of ever creating a double album, but after my amazing writing sessions I ended up with almost 80 songs, and after cutting the ones that didn’t really fit out I still had 24. That’s when I went to my label and told them I needed more time, to widdle down the collection of songs I wanted to do, and it was actually them who said let’s put out a double album. It was a relief as I’m not sure which I would have cut” Explained Miranda
You can see if Miranda’s tour will swing by you here, and listen to her new album on Spotify, Itunes and everywhere you buy music!

Scientists Successfully Create Human – Pig Hybrid Embryo


More animal than human, the embryo is said to consist of less than 1% of human DNA. This is the first time success has ever been reported.
The creation involves stem cells from a human and the embryo of a pig. Once injected, the embryo sits in wait for 28 days, where researchers study it’s development. During trials, of the 2,000 embryos injected, less than 10% proved to be successful.

“We’ve experienced for the first time ever, the growth of human cells within an animal. It’s remarkable.” said Professor Jorge Ipsu Belomy.
Belomy went on to add that “there is still much work to be done” when it comes to the creation of human organs. The research he and his team have been doing can be helpful in the future when it comes to issues involving the testing of drugs, disease and better understanding the creation of life.

Taraneh Alidoosti Star Of “The Salesman” Not Attending Academy Awards In Protest Against Trump


Iranian actress and star of “The Salesman”, Taraneh Alidoosti announced on Thursday she is going to boycott the Academy Awards happening next month. This is in response to President Donald Trump’s racist ban on visas from Iran.

The actress of the Oscar-nominated film stated through various social media outlets that Trump’s ban is racist, as well as unacceptable.
Alidoosti, known as the “Natalie Portman of Iran”, is often known to be Iran’s top actress. The film “The Salesman” in which Alidoosti starred in won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival last may, as well has been nomiated for an Oscar under the Best Foreign Language Film category.
The actress states that whether or not the Academy Awards is a cultural event, Alidoosti insists of not attending in protest. Her announcement comes a day after Trump Administration decided to halt visa applications from seven countries in the Middle East and Africa for an entire month.

Trudeau In Favor of Trump Keystone Pipeline Verdict


Looking to reinvigorate the Canadian economy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is very happy at President Donald Trumps decision to go ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline.
With the recent decline in the oil industry of Alberta, Trudeau sees this as a great step towards bringing the economy back to where it once was, in hopes of leading to the creation of jobs and stimulating economic growth.

“On record, I have stated that I’ve always been in favor of the Keystone pipeline. Alberta needs something like this to bounce back and recover.” he told reporters.
Nothing has yet been finalized, as Trump is looking to renegotiate the terms before any construction can begin. Caught off guard, the Prime Minister wasn’t expecting the President to act on the matter so soon.

The Keystone XL pipeline is expected to lead to the creation of 30,000 jobs, most of which in the construction industry.

Mexican President Cancels Upcoming Visit to White House


Urged to cancel the upcoming meeting by President Trump, Pena Nieto was forced to cancel their meet, due to their disagreement on the building of the wall between the countries. Both parties remain firm on their stances.
In an statement issued by the presidential team, Trump says that both sides mutually agreed to cancel. It is unclear whether a rescheduling is in the works.

“Mexico will pay for the wall. Until we are treated with respect, there is no need for a further discussion.” said Trump.
Previously, President Pena Nieto received flack for his meeting with Trump regarding the wall last September. This was while Trump was still a candidate in the election. Left with no options to negotiate, Pena Nieto felt that he had no other choice, as his overall approval ratings have hit an all time low in the country.

It is estimated that the construction of the wall will reach the upwards of $15 billion, with Trump firm on his stance of American citizens not taking part in any of the costs.

Man Gets Car Stolen While Delivering Pizza’s, Found Next Day Same Spot, Fully Refueled

EKAP63 Domino's  pizza delivery car sign - USA

While out making his rounds on Friday night, pizza delivery worker John Camp left his vehicle running while making a quick stop into an apartment building to drop off a pizza. Hearing the roar of his engine, Camp rushed out of the building to see his vehicle take off into the distance.
“I rushed over to the window, which was when I saw my car drive off into the night, on top of that my phone was in the vehicle,” he told the morning news.

Unable to find any assistance within the building, Camp walked 10 blocks through the storm, where he found a hospital. Workers there happily helped Camp inform police, while purchasing his undelivered pizza and throwing him a $20 tip to lighten his mood.
The following day, a friend of Camp was driving down the street where his vehicle was stolen, to find his vehicle parked on the street. “My car was right in front of where I left it. On top of that, whoever stole it refilled the tank. Who does that?” Camp added.
With significant damage on his car, Camp hopes that his insurance will be able to cover the damage.

All Day Breakfast to Roll Out in McDonald’s and A&W Restaurants Throughout Canada


After seeing the demand of all day breakfast specials in the US, McDonald’s and A&W restaurants will begin making the transition in more than 75% of locations by next month.
According to market research, almost 20% of traffic to the fast food chains took place at breakfast time. Earlier this month, the initiative was rolled out to several McDonald’s locations with great success. A&W restaurants were quicker to test, implementing the changes last year.

“There’s been a large demand for all day breakfast, so we need to start filling that need.” said Jonathan Bettle,a spokesperson, from McDonald’s./
“A lot of discussion has been made on the topic, a growing number of customers have been saying ‘Oh man, I wish I could eat my breakfast at night.'”

Late to the party, companies like Starbucks have served breakfast items all day since 2008.
Not every item will be available throughout the day, as the all day breakfast menu will be limited. Based on customer demand, the fast food chains are open to tweaking items in the future.