“Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller is Going to be Replaced by Cheryl Burke? Reality TV Star Weighs in on Rumors


Could it be true?
Reality TV star Abby Lee Miller from “Dance Moms” provides her thoughts on her possible replacement after her shocking announcement that she is leaving the Lifetime show.
Miller sat down with People magazine for an interview in which she spoke of her sudden reveal that she is leaving “Dance Moms,” which she conducted through a lengthy Instagram post. Quick to call out the producers of the show, the reality star cited her reasons for leaving is because she is tired of being “manipulated and disrespected” by them.
With Miller leaving the show, rumors have surfaced that Cheryl Burke will be replacing her on “Dance Moms.” In regards to the rumors, Miller neither confirmed nor denied it but she did mention that if Burke were to take over, Burke would be treated a lot better than how she is treated. Or at least in the beginning they will be.

Miller goes on to state that after six or so years of filming for the show, Burke will eventually be treated “like dirt” too.
Miller stated that she’s only met the “Dancing With The Stars” star only once and that she is training.
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Meanwhile, Burke has not addressed the rumors of her joining “Dance Moms” yet. Though she did share a rather vague Instagram post in which she captioned the photo mentioning that she is returning to do some dance work.
It shouldn’t be too long before fans of the show will find out if the rumors are true or not!

A New Muppet Is Joining “Sesame Street” And Her Name Is Julia And She Has Autism


A new Muppet is coming to the beloved classic kid’s show “Sesame Street”. This marks the first time a brand new Muppet will be joining the cast in a decade.

The newest Muppet addition is Julia, a shy four-year-old with contrasting red hair and green eyes. As for her hobbies, she enjoys painting and picking flowers in her free time. Viewers might notice that when Julia speaks, she echoes what her friends Abby and Elmo say. The newest Muppet has autism.
Veteran puppeteer, Stacy Gordon, who will be bringing the Muppet to life states that she understands that a lot of people are like Julia because they have autism. So with her new role, Gordon wants to bring Julia “to the heart.”
By bringing Julia onboard, the show hopes to raise awareness to autism by explaining her differences and hidden talents to the other Muppets and in doing so informing the younger viewers.

As explained by Abby Cadabby during the recent visit to the Astoria neighbourhood, it can be hard for others to gain Julia’s attention, as Big Bird has some difficulty getting her to listen to him so he had to repeat himself a few times. Julia is also extraordinary as she is able to see things others cannot.
Not only does the show believe it is a good thing to introduce Julia to the show, but the parents of autistic children have also stated how important and vital the show is for their young children.

See Julia make her debut on “Sesame Street” on the episode to air on April 10 as she becomes one of the gang members with Elmo, Big Bird, and others!

Kaley Cuoco And Who Will Be Having An ‘8 Simple Rules’ Reunion On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ This Fall?


Widely popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” just made an awesome casting to join the main crew for an epic episode coming to fans this fall!

Announced at the San Diego Comic Con, the TV show’s panel revealed that they have casted Penny’s mother for a future episode.
Executive producer, Steven Molaro, shared with the audience at the San Diego Comic Con that Katey Sagal has been given the role of Penny’s mother. Looks like an ‘8 Simple Rules’ reunion is happening!
Cuoco and Sagal were previously co-starred on the show ‘8 Simple Rules.’ The two played the roles of mother and daughter on the show from 2002 to 2005.

Sagal will be appearing in the first episode of the upcoming ‘Big Bang’ season this fall. That’s not all though, fans will also be meeting Penny’s brother! Present with the rest of the panel was Jack McBrayer, who helped make the announcement.
Penny’s backstory has so far remained a mystery, though we have been introduced to the characters father for two episodes before, in which Keith Carradine played the role. Here’s hope to learning more about Penny as her family makes an appearance! Maybe we will finally learn her last name.

Do you agree that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ made the perfect choice to cast Sagal? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!
Catch the new season on the show when it returns on September 19.

The Last Season Of “Game Of Thrones” Will Consist Of Only Six Episodes


‘Game Of Thrones’ fans, the end is near and it’s coming quicker than you’ve probably wished for.

The TV series showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, revealed during the South By Southwest festival that the eighth and concluding season for the popular show will only consist of six episodes.

Previous seasons for the show spanned 10 episodes long, but season 7 which is set to premiere this summer July 16 will only have seven episodes.
Already with season 7 wrapped up, Beinoff and Weiss are in the process of writing for the last season which will air next year.

In other related news, Ed Sheeran will be making a cameo in the upcoming “Game of Thrones” season.

Normani Kordei Gets Some Solid ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Advice From Zendaya


Looks like dancing is what’s up on Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei’s plate! The girl group recently won Favorite Music Group at the Kids’ Choice Awards and now singer is ready to tackle “Dancing with the Stars.”

The latest season for the dance competition will debut March 20. Along with Kordei, the ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall and gymnast Simone Biles will be joining the competition along with other stars for the 24th season of the show.
Not only does Kordei have her fans rooting for her for every week she’ll be competing, but season 16 runner-up Zendaya, is also rooting for the Fifth Harmony member.

Sitting down with Clevver TV for an interview, the runner-up exclaims that Kordei is going to win.
Dancing with Kordei for the season will be Zendaya’s previous partner, Val Chmerkovskiy who is also a two-time winner.

For Kordei, Zendaya has one solid piece of advice, which is to make sure Chmerkovskiy eats because when he doesn’t, he’ll get hangry.
And according to Zendaya, when he’s grumpy, he just keeps on rehearsing.
Sounds like some really good advice! Watch the newest season when it airs in the next few days!

Weekend Update Spinoff Hits Primetime Slot This Summer

After seeing all time highs in ratings this season, it has been officially announced that Weekend Update will have a brief showing during the summer weeks that SNL will be off air.
Colin Jost and Michael Che will remain as hosts of the show, and it is likely that other members of the SNL cast will be making appearances to the show as the popular characters that they portray in the skits.

Previously, there were rumblings of a Weekend Update spin-off in the works, as Saturday Night Live has seen a spike in ratings with the political climate in the US. It is the first time in over 8 years that the show has seen this much success in ratings, and the first time in over 24 years that they have broken records in the amount of viewers that the show has pulled in love.

This isn’t the first time that a Weekend Update spin-off has occurred in the history of the show, as back in late 2008 NBC tried the same thing with the presidential election occurring at the same time.

Disney Orders Second Season of Big Hero 6


Despite not having been yet aired on television, Disney has gone ahead and ordered a second season of the show that will be airing later this year.
The television show, which is a spin-off of the popular 2014 animated film of the same name, pulled in amazing numbers at the box office and even took home the Oscar for best animated feature film at the show.

Traditionally, when shows transition from the big screen to the small screen, they find that they need to replace the cast, but with the Big Hero 6 television series a majority of the voice cast will be making a return in their respective roles, with the exception of actors T.J. Miller and Damon Wayans Jr., but to make up for it the show creators have made amazing additions to the cast.
A release date has yet to be revealed for the show, but to tide you over until the show gets a release later this year, here’s a teaser released that you can watch below:

Shocking Plot Lines Fans Can Expect When ‘Teen Mom OG’ Returns For Its New Season


‘Teen Mom’ fans, oh do we have some good news for you!
Ready? Looks like the ‘Teen Mom OG’ ladies will be back for a new season, so be ready for the drama!
Ever since the first season of ‘16 and Pregnant’, moms Amber Portland, Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell provided viewers with lots of drama and we couldn’t help but be obsessed with them.
Set to air on April 17, MTV will be providing fans with the renewed series.
So what exactly can we be look forward to in the new season? According to MTV, viewers will be able to get a glimpse into Amber’s life as she tries to negotiate with her ex to letting her see her eight-year-old daughter Leah more often. Her hope is to create a more stable environment for her daughter since she isn’t allowed to care for Leah on school nights.
As for Catelynn and her husband Tyler Baltierra, we can watch as the couple face the topic of expanding their family. Though both want to have another child so Novalee won’t be the only child, Cate must overcome her fear of the chance of falling into postpartum depression again.
Fans saw in the previous season Maci and boyfriend Taylor McKinney saying their ‘I dos”. This season we get to see the couple adjust to the married life with their kids.
Also to expect this season is witnessing Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards propose to his girlfriend!
As for Farrah, we can expect to follow the mom as she ventures into her latest business. As for relationships, the audience will be able to follow Farrah’s mother Debra deal with her on-again-off-again beau Simon.
Already, it sounds like the season will be packed with lots of drama! Don’t forget to tune in on April 17 for the new episode!

Paula Deen Is Coming Back To T.V!


The disgraced, and racist former food network superstar, is coming back to your TV!
Starting soon Paula will host a new show called Positively Paula! The show will be super familiar with her old show in the fact it is a part talk show part cooking show!
Royal Academy Films is producing the show, which will be filmed at Paula’s home in Monte Carlo. Deen will host friends and family at her home while showing off her amazing cooking skills, and possibly cover it all with butter.
This move is one of many that Deen has made on her slow comeback. Last year she had a limited run show on Evine, a home shopping channel, which seemed more like a cooking based catalog that featured Paula’s brand!

Following her being forcefully removed from her show in 2013, Deen has launched her own website, been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, launched a lifestyle line and seems to be trying to slowly drag herself back into the spotlight.
For the new show, Paula has 20 episodes ready to go! Expect to see southern dishes doused in butter or deep-fried (or even both)! Check out the new show today on E!

Melissa McCarthy Bids Farewell to Sookie St. James


Actress shares shes done playing the ‘Gilmore Girls’ character.
The long awaited conclusion to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life left fans in suspense. It was when Rory declared to her mother – “I’m pregnant.” This cruel cliffhanger reveal wasn’t sufficient enought for McCarthy to stay.
When talking to ET, McCarthy shares that she never planned to make an appearance as Sookie St. James.
“As Sookie? Nah,” she shared, “Although if it was Lorelai sure. But that’s up to Graham.”
Lorelai is played by Lauren Graham.

We are still unsure about the shows fate, if Netflix wants to renew it for another season, but the ending implies that they have much more in mind to share. At the end of 2016, the official Netflix twitter account posted a highly suggestible tweet.
“Where’s an eighth grade science fair when you need one? #GilmoreGirls,” which was posted with an image displaying Paul and Logan, and text “A guy dressed in a Wookie costume.”

Hopefully this becomes more than a playful tease, hopefully we get a glimpse of Rory’s future child in a Season 2 event that this tweet alludes to.
It’s quite heartbreaking that Sookie won’t see a return to the show. Although we got some cherished scenes with McCarthy in A Year in the Life, the shows ending didn’t provide closure.