Contrave, Newest Weight Loss Alternative: FAQ



The FDA's approval on Wednesday of a new prescription weight loss pill offers yet another option for the more than one third of American adults who are obese. Called Contrave, the new drug is the third prescription weight loss drug to be approved by the FDA since 2012. It is also qualified for those not corpulent but overweight with risk factors for example high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Contrave joins Qsymia (phentermine and topiramate) and Belviq (lorcaserin). Both were approved in 2012.

Contrave unites two drugs already on the market: bupropion (Wellbutrin), an antidepressant, and naltrexone, an anti-dependence drug. As it contains bupropion, the fresh drug will have a boxed warning to alert doctors and patients to the increased danger of suicidal ideas that are linked with antidepressants.

Fat loss experts say all three drugs work in similar ways, however they welcome Contrave as just one more option, particularly since not all weight loss drugs work the same for everyone.

The FDA approval came after the agency looked at new information it requested from the drug's maker in 2011 to be sure that the drug was safe for the heart. Nonetheless, the approval came with a requirement to do another study about the drug's effect on the heart.

Here's what else to understand more about the brand new drug.

How can Contrave work?

''It takes away hunger along with the cravings for food," says John Foreyt, PhD, professor of medicine and director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston. He was a researcher on a clinical trial studying Contrave. He really does not have financial ties to Orexigen, the drug's manufacturer, or to Takeda Pharmaceuticals, which plans to market the new drug.

How the blend works for weight loss isn't entirely understood, even by experts. The bupropion helps lessen desire, says William Troy Donahoo, MD, an endocrinologist and weight loss specialist at Kaiser Permanente, Denver. The naltrexone, he says, probably works by blocking specific receptors in the mind and controlling cravings.

Ask your doctor if Contrave is right for you~

Raven-Symoné reveals why she went from “thick and fabulous,” to Thin and Flirtatious.


Raven-Symone is appearing slim as ever after dropping 35 lbs. You might recall her from That's So Raven or The Cosby Show. Her secret? well, seems like it is still a secret. She asserts it was simple anxiety -reduction. Which, might be accurate. Stress causes us to crave sugar, salt and fat. Why? Sugar leads to the discharge of dopamine in the brain; a compound that produces euphoric feelings, and can also be released after taking addictive drugs such as nicotine or heroin. Our taste buds can be wired to crave sweet, fat and salt over time. Therefore the more sugar, fat and salt we eat, the more we need it

While the star's weight loss regime is kept under wraps, here are a couple of tricks that will help you lose some pounds; though it will not ensure you getting a new situation comedy! 

First, do not bother with cleanses. We are constantly keen for that rapid detox repair or next superfood such as the Acai berry. Fifty four new food and drink products debuted in 2008 with all the word "detox" in their descriptions. Many of juice regimens, fasting kits, and these pills will promote short term weight loss since you're consuming far fewer calories, but the pounds generally return after. Your body is really proficient at flushing out the toxins alone, provided you prevent nicotine, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. ..and take in tons of fiber and fluid to keep things moving on their merry way

1..Drink Plenty of Water: Drop more pounds faster by drinking two cups of water before each meal. You have probably heard that drinking water before you eat might enable you to shed weight, the theory behind this recommendation is the water helps fill you up so that you wind up eating less at mealtime, which results in fewer calories used up in the day

2.. Replace Your Bites with Soups: Swapping two typical day-to-day bites for just two servings of soup out may lead to up to a 50 percent greater weight loss among overweight dieters-even when the snacks and also the soup have the same exact quantity of calories. Your absolute best option would be to go with soups low in sodium and rich in vegetables. 

3.. Eat Red Peppers: This spicy addition to a meal might help rev up your metabolism; it is also a good supply of vitamin E, C, B6, folate, potassium, vitamins A, vitamin K and fiber

4.. Drink Green Tea: Compounds in green tea, together with caffeine, are thought to burn off fat and reduce weight. Additionally they improve body measurement parameters like body mass index, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio. Try replacing your morning cup of coffee and have another cup later in the day for an afternoon pick me up. 

5.. Make Sure You Drink Your Milk: People trying to lose weight might have greater success if they have higher intakes of calcium from dairy products (eg.. milk, cheese, yogurt) and higher levels of vitamin D in their blood. Make sure you're drinking low-fat or skim milk since it's more protein than regular and strive Greek yogurt. Since they are merely loaded with sugar, additionally, avoid flavored yogurts. 

When You Get the Weight Off, Keep it Off : Exercise is your best bet to be sure the pounds you discard stay off. Set for yourself. In case you find yourself gaining more then 5 lbs, it's time to get back on track. Only use your garments, if you do not like scales. It is time, if they are feeling tight.

Is Miranda Lambert taking methamphetamine?


Is Miranda Lambert taking methamphetamine?

Is what one of her fans tweeted last week as a response to the country star's recent rapid weight-loss.

"She must be on drugs, there is no way she is able to lose weight that fast any other way".

Evidently, the country star's PR team was fast to respond. Describing that Miranda was spending a substantial portion of her time with a personal trainer to shed the pounds, NOT smoking methamphetamine. Fortunately, we got to interview the star on the topic!

Miranda Lambert's Weight Loss — How She Truly Did It

"I didn't know until [the CMA Awards] that people were noticing. But you want people to notice when you've worked hard and feel good. That is part of the reward. It's a great motivator," she told us.

"I spent my 20s on a roller coaster — my yo yo weight, working all the time and partying. I simply needed to get healthier and go into my 30s in the best shape I could be in."

In order to remain in shape, she's got a fitness expert on tour with her. "We do cardio along with lots of circuit training. We do things that use my body weight, like lunges. People think I lost more [than a clothing size], but I am 5'4", so when I lose, I lose everywhere."

Husband Blake Shelton brags about her new look, but wasn't supportive at first, because he told her: "I 've never had a problem with any way you appear. You are beautiful to me at any size and every size." Aww!

Her Diet — Before & After Swaps

Miranda told Too-Fab that instead of a breakfast like bacon and eggs, she now has a green juice. Instead of having a tremendous, unhealthy cheeseburger, she cuts it in half. "Smaller pieces right from the start." She is attempting to make healthier selections complete: "Instead of steak for dinner, I might have chicken and a baked sweet potato."

"To slim down safely and effectively, select a balanced eating plan that focuses on plant and uncooked established foods more commonly (these naturally include essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber), keep fluid intake up and make an effort to consume foods to support healthy collagen production (to help skin powerful and solid). Above all avoid crash diets as they encourage more water and lean tissue loss over fat reduction and are usually nutrient deficient over the long term.

By adding certain protein rich foods to your diet plan, you can encourage a healthy rate of collagen renewal and shield your skin from premature aging. Mineral copper that is found in nuts, raisins, sweet potatoes, kidney beans, lobster and oysters facilitates collagen production and for that reason ought to be included in your diet. Lastly, make sure to include foods rich in Vitamin C, as it is essential for collagen synthesis.

Some top collagen boosting foods include poultry, eggs, crab, lobster, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, sweet potatoes, raisins, soybeans, and chickpeas. Pick antioxidant rich foods to help ward off damaging free radicals that break down collagen. Those contain green tea, blackberries, black currants, blueberries, beets, endive, and purple cabbage.

Along with diet, focus on a wholesome lifestyle. Smoking, pollution, stress, and long-term sunlight exposure ruin collagen and can inhibit the skins cellular renewal cycle. Comprise circulatory exercise daily as this stimulates blood flow bringing nutrients and oxygen to the dermal layer for skin well-being."

I guess we're just happy Miranda is riding the meth train. Keep up the great work, Miranda!


A Pill To Burn Away Pounds: The FDA Says Yes To The First New Weight Loss Drug In 13 Years.



Today marks the coming of the first new diet drug in 13 years, with the Food and Drug Administration's approval to market lorcaserin. (Not to be confused with Qnexa, another new diet drug, which is still awaiting FDA approval as more studies are submitted.) The last time the FDA gave the stamp of acceptance to a new weight loss drug, it was orlistat (brand name Xenical) in the nineties.

Once it is fully checked by the Drug Enforcement Administration, lorcaserin is going to be marketed in the USA under the commercial name Belviq.

Notable numbers indeed

In one Phase III clinical trial for lorcaserin, known as Blossom, 47.5% of patients lost at least 5% of their body weight, compared to 20.3% for placebo. Furthermore, 22.6% of lorcaserin patients lost at least 10% of their body weight, compared to 7.7% for placebo. Lorcaserin patients reached an average weight loss of 5.8% of their body weight, or 12.7 pounds, compared to 2.2%, or 4.7 pounds, for placebo. In a second trial, called Bloom, 47.2% of lorcaserin patients lost at least 5% of their body weight, compared to 25.0% for placebo.

Who needs Lorcaserin/Belviq – And who stands to profit?

Well, the marketplace for lorcaserin could contain more than one out of every three Americans, according to the FDA's computations. The agency approved the drug for those who are obese, meaning their body mass index (BMI) is over 30, or for those with a BMI of 27 who additionally have another risk factor like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Since one out of every three Americans is obese, and another third are overweight (and likely to get at least one of the other risk factors that go with excessive weight), which could qualify close to two thirds of Americans for the brand new drug. That is huge news for ARNA, a division of Arena Pharmaceuticals, maker of lorcaserin. And additionally for Vivus, manufacturer of Qnexa, which is likely to get a bump in confidence from the FDA's action.

How did this Mom lose 40 pounds with no one knowing??


When Melissa Hansen came to us with her Mother's story we didn't believe her! Melissa claimed her mom, Ellen, had lost 40 pounds without anyone knowing! We sat down with Ellen to find out just how she did it.

"With Bob (her husband) on the road so often, I needed a way of keeping myself feeling good" She explained. "When I first started it was very difficult I was so used to my daily routine of a coffee in the morning, maybe a piece of toast, that it took me at least a week to not instinctively pour myself a coffee."

She went to explain how at first she took a very conservative approach to her diet. She'd have a good breakfast, usually containing egg whites and vegetables. For Lunch she had a larger meal, this is where Ellen would make herself a chicken breast or pork chop with a potato or a small portion of pasta with homemade sauce. Then, for supper, Ellen would make herself a peanut butter and banana sandwich or something along those lines. It was something she had learned while she traveled through Europe as a teen.

"[People in Europe] almost never eat their big meal at supper like North Americans do," Stated Ellen. When she asked why they didn’t eat large suppers, the Europeans always answered Ellen with this answer "it's not natural for your body to process food while you are going to sleep"

We asked our resident nutritionist Dr. Valentin Wie (a European himself) if this was true. "To a degree it is both correct and incorrect, Depending on how late you are going to bed, as well as how active you are during the evening will determine how many calories are required for your body to be able to rest and restore the body's natural balance. If you are to eat too little throughout the day your body [eventually] will stop repairing itself while sleeping and it will go into preservation mode, However, if you eat too much before going into a REM sleep your body will focus too much on digesting the food in your body and you will actually wake being more tired than when you went to bed"

Then Ellen started to see a change that surprised even her, she started to step up her game. During the day, she would start walking to the grocery store when she needed things instead of driving, as she had before. She also started to do yoga at her local Yoga studio. Over the Memorial day weekend, she had her whole family come over to unveil the new her. All said and done Ellen lost 40 pounds in 35 days!

When asked if she would help people lose weight the Ellen way she said "we will have to see what the future will hold"

If and when Ellen shares her way of losing weight, we will post it here for you! Here's to the new Ellen!

Mariah Carey Undergoes Remarkable Transformation for New Movie



Mariah Carey is known to fans as one of the very most glamorous women in the world. But now they are going to see an alternate side of her in a gritty new film.

Carey, 40, undergoes a transformation from her customary glam self into a dowdy social worker in the play Precious, which was well received – as was Carey's performance – at its Cannes screening Friday.

"The only reactions from fans who have viewed the preview and twittered me have said the movie's astonishing," Carey tells PEOPLE. "No one has said, 'Woman I can't believe you're there with those dark circles under your eyes and wearing a wig and appearing terrible.' No one went that way."

Her husband, Nick Cannon, has been equally positive. "My husband's response was over the top supporting and awesome. It wasn't like, 'I can't believe you let yourself look like that in the film.' "

Precious relies on the book Push by Sapphire and tells the story of a young girl growing up amid horrendous domestic abuse in Harlem. It'll be published to the general public on Nov. 6.

Skin Away Layers
Carey told a tiny gathering of press at Cannes, "[The book] is intense and it's life-transforming. I said, 'Let me peel layers away of who the world thinks I am, of who I personally believe I am as a performer, as anything, and become, really become, this woman who has a large obligation.' "

Of her character, Carey said: "She is the crowd and is that aghast man who hears what goes on and has to kind of naked her soul because she is hearing something that is so horrific that she's never heard before. There is a creative side of me that needs to do work such as this."

Carey was picked for the part at the very last minute. "I thought how bold would it be to cast Mariah," says manager Lee Daniels. "If she could dye her hair, put on a wig, take off the make-up, darken under the eyes, I considered she'd start to give me her soul. And she did."

The result, based on vocalist Lenny Kravitz, who plays a nurse in the film, "was wonderful."

New Star
Along with Carey's transformation, the movie's other surprise is its breakout star Gabourey Sidibe, who plays the leading part. It is her first film – and she's loving the attention in Cannes.

"I am having the most fun ever, more fun than I pictured myself having," she told PEOPLE. "This is totally glamorous. This really is nothing like I believed my life would be heading towards."

More jobs will probably follow. "I only got my second film offer. It's a little too soon to talk about it but I'm actually excited about it because I'm an actress now."

“I feel more comfortable in a bathing suit now than I did 20yrs ago” At 42, Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Off Bikini Body.


Gwyneth Paltrow's in the best form of her life. The June 2015 Women's Health cover girl, who shows her bikini bod that is unbelievable off in the problem, revealed at age 42 to the mag she feels more confident with her body now than before. 

"I feel way more comfortable in a bathing suit now than I did 20 years ago" the Oscar winner declared, before going into detail about her daily routine and diet

"My routine is the same every weekday" the Goop creator described. "I drop my kids at school. I do an hour of dancing cardio and then I go to work"
After beginning her day with a cup of coffee with half-and-half — the Tracy Anderson devotee says "me with no coffee is not a great look" — Paltrow may have a "smoothie" following her work out

"For lunch I usually have a big salad with broiled chicken, and then for dinner I'll have whatever I need, " Paltrow dished. "Most nights I eat together with the kids, like, pasta or roast chicken and potatoes or a stir fry of chicken and broccoli."

And also you could forget those gossips that Paltrow doesn't let her kids 11, Apple, and 9, Moses, enjoy kid -friendly foods. "My food philosophy is: Nothing must be ruled out" she told the magazine. "I don't believe in saying, ' You Are not allowed that' If my kids want a Shirley Temple together with the radioactive cherry inside, go for this, you understand? 

 Actually, Chris Martin's ex wife 's diet is not as strict as you'd think. "The other day I was flying and the turbulence was so bad, I was like, 'F–k this' I had a Bloody Mary in the middle of the day" she candidly remembered. 

Paltrow's beauty routine — for touting products on Goop although she's notorious — is astonishingly relaxed. 
" I'm not actually a ' beauty man. ' I believe, as cheesy as it seems, in exercise, laughing, having sex, being yourself" Paltrow said. " I'm not like, 'Then I use this masque that I make on my cooker. '"

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher were excited to become parents and now that they have eventually welcomed their new baby boy into the world, the “Something In The Water” Singer is snapp



Underwood is taking full benefit of the Spring weather and is already back in a bikini. She took a picture of herself in a her bathing suit and protections and shared it with her lovers on Instagram captioning it, "Holiday selfie. #IKnowImLame."

It's no real surprise that Underwood is comfortable and back in her bikini body just three months after giving birth to her son as she also established her own athletic-wear line, CALIA by Carrie Underwood.

Underwood has gone back to work and she's sharing her experience with all her lovers, including Isaiah. The country singer shared a post about her bonding second on Twitter with an entire bunch of her followers.

"Played some of the brand new music this morning for small Isaiah and he smiled from ear to ear the whole time! I think we're on the correct course!

The former "American Idol" winner formerly revealed that she is working on some new music and intends to write music for her son for her upcoming album.

"I just kind of feel a little depressed 'cause all my tunes are about having daughters," said Underwood, laughing while referring to her hits "Mama's Song," "All-American Girl" and "Forever Changed."

"Like, little boy infant Fisher's got nothin'!," joked Underwood. "Even 'Forever Changed,' which is one of my favourite songs, is definitely like a mom/daughter sort of a song, so … I'm gonna have to get on that."

Infant Isaiah recently made his debut in late March and he looked adorable as he placed on a lush tan carpet while holding hockey stick to support his dad, who is an NHL player. He is also wearing ice skates while enveloped in a blanket sleep.

"The predators are in the playoffs! Only waiting to get called up! #PutMeInCoach," Underwood captioned the picture.

How is Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson getting Khloe K in shape?


Personal trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson — who's credited with helping to shape the enviable bodies of Sofia Vergara Jennifer Lopez, as well as the Kardashians — is revealing ET what it requires to get the amazing consequences we see on the red carpet

 Most recently, Peterson will be credited with Khloe Kardashian's sensational turnaround, which the 30- year-old reality star hasn't been shy about showing off on social media

"Khloe's the creature — full on critter in the fitness center, " he reveals to ET's Brooke Anderson. "No complaining, no bitching, no kvetching. Just gets after it"

"This is Khloe's instant, " he stresses. " It is possible to see it. The changes she's made are unbelievable. She's done it the appropriate way. Nothing fast — hard work. It's continuous, work plus it is quite relatable and her body is banging right now"

Another client Peterson is fond of is Vergara although the sexy 42- year-old Modern Family star has made no secret about not loving exercise

"Her favorite action to do in the gym is leave" Peterson jokes. "I believe it's a sort of necessary evil. I don't believe it's her favourite thing and I understand that because of the swear words that she uses bilingually"

"Yeah, I Have heard it" he laughs. "Just shy of throwing a coffee cup at ya"

As for tips about having your own celeb-style results, Peterson has a few easy guidelines. 

1.. Match strength training. 

"Even when you are doing what you consider to be straight cardio, in the event you are on a bike for 25 or jogging for 25 minutes, drop down every five minutes and do ten squats, ten pushups and ten stomach exercises, " he counsels. " Mix that into that same thing you are doing and see the results"

2.. "You cannot train a bad Diet

Sticking to a healthful diet, of course, is essential. 

" They're making great choices outside of here [the gym]" he says about his well-known customers. "24 hours in a day, right? There's one in the other 23 you can not screw it up, here, and you cannot train a diet that is awful. So they're eating correctly, they are eating at the right time, they are eating the right amounts and they are receiving their remainder. 

"The closer you are to your goal, the more significant that's, " he includes about making smart nutrition choices. " Should you wanna zero in, you've got the diet on point. Don't look at it like a diet, look at it like a manner of eating

3.. You get "cheat meals" not cheat days

" You will get a cheat meal, no question. It's not a cheat day" he explains. "Every day I indulge with something because if I'm confined, I am gonna lash out

4.. Remain don't full, and hydrated. 

"Hydration is everything" he stresses. "Think of this, your muscles are 70-plus percent water — how are you not drinking water throughout a work out? I get the whole, ' Let Us challenge ourselves, let's do that penitentiary, tough guy thing' but at the close of the day, you're under performing"

5.. Don't fast! 

"You have to start the following day" he says about recovering from a binge. " That's the only method to do it. You can't repair that and you shouldn't quick, you should not go nuts — you should just get back on your horse"

What is Kiwano or African horned cucumber? & What are the Health benefts?


Health Benefits of Kiwano or African horned cucumber

 Medical benefits of the kiwano are in the nutrients it contains. These nutrients are made up of good rates of potassium, iron and vitamin C. Additionally, it has smaller amounts of zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, copper and sodium. The seeds include linoleic and oleic acid. Linoleic is while oleic acid is believed to assist with all the lowering of blood pressure, Linoleic is an omega fatty acid which is required for human health. 

 You'll find two antioxidants which have been identified in the melon seeds and these are y-tocopherol plus a- tocopherol. Both are organic types of vitamin E which have many health benefits. These sorts of health benefits of the kiwano means that lots of parts of the body benefit from, like the red bloods cells, muscles, skin, nerves and heart. Vitamin E works in the body by helping to neutralize the damage from free radicals which may cause cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has been suggested that Vitamin E may be helpful in lessening the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

Other health benefits of the kiwano have been in the beta carotene or vitamin A contained in the pulp. Beta carotene is of importance in helping to fortify it to the immune system. Vitamin A is great for the eyes and is important for night vision or being able to see in dim light, and it's also very important for skin health too. Diets which are rich in lutein, beta carotene and lycoprene are said to greatly help slow aging and could also protect and repair DNA

1.. Features numerous Antioxidants

 Kiwano or African horned cucumberA couple of the antioxidants recognized in horned melon seeds generally are a-tocopherol in addition to y-tocopherol. Both of them are organic forms of vitamin E. Vitamin E has several health advantages which comprises healthy skin, heart, muscles, nerves, and red blood cells. Vitamin E also helps counteract harmful free-radicals that could cause long term illnesses like cancer as well as heart issues. Additionally there is several evidence to point out that vitamin E may help decrease our odds as well as Parkinson's disease

The yellowish green colored pigment totally found in the seeds as well as pulp of horned melon range from the carotenoid, beta carotene, popularly called vitamin A. Beta carotene aids fortify the body's defense mechanisms and sustain eye and skin health. It may additionally help cancer prevention by simply suppressing the grow of free radicals. A diet ample with vegetables and fruit which include carotenoids just like beta carotone, lycopene and lutein could also help repair as well as safeguard DNA, therefore decreasing the ageing procedure. 

2.. Beneficial for eye

 A kiwano consists of 307 IU of vitamin A, or even 6 % of the 5000 IU indicated every day. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for the assistance of the retina function inside the eye which retains eyesight. Vitamin A also fortifies the strength of the mucosal lining, the 1st line of protection from disease within intestinal tract, throat and in addition the nasal passages. 

3.. Good food for metabolism

A kiwano offers 1 milligrams of zinc, or 7 % of the 15 milligrams needed every day. Most Americans tend not to eat the daily, minimal requirement in accordance. Which contains zinc sources within the diet is important mostly as it plays a role in the development of protein, that repairs wounds and also produces blood cells. Zinc additionally takes part in the function along with discharge of insulin vital for normal carbohydrate metabolism

4.. Discontinues premature aging

Kiwano or African horned cucumberA kiwano offers 11 mg of vitamin C, or 18 % of the FDA implied Daily Value of 60 mg. Including concentrated sources of vitamin C within the diet is vital because the nutrient is required for the function of numerous body systems. Vitamin C is essential for the generation of collagen, an element of skin tissue utilized for fixing organ tissues as well as epidermal as well as making. Moreover, it safeguards cells from harm brought on by free radicals and harmful toxins, waste by products of metabolism, that may lead to the growth and progression of disease and result in untimely aging

5.. Multiple benefits 

These varieties of fruits are lower in calories, loaded with iron together with dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium. 

This fruit may be held in room temperature for the absolute minimum of TWO months. That is often a main reason for using these unusual searching fruits. Horned Melons have small horns growing out as well as some orange on it from brilliant yellowish skin. They're about Three to five inches drawn-out (75 to 13 cm) and typical 2 inches wide (5 cm) They'll weigh between 1 to 2 pounds (1/2 a kilo to a kilo)

 Inside, the flesh appears like lime-green jelly, also it's a quite grassy scent into it. This might be a melon that is challenging. Unless there's two sorts floating around, then this indicates that in consuming this melon two genetically various taste bud genes are rising in humans. 

Several food writers state that the amazing sweet as well as sour taste is truly a complicated combination of banana, cucumber, lime, mango pineapple and watermelon flavors, and the seeds are delectable. To others, the seeds are officially tasty, however they're as appealing since the rough, stringy along with bitter seeds present in a cucumber which is past it.