We Almost Did Not Recognize Jonah Hill as He Begins Filming New Picture –Take a Look



Jonah Hill is ready for the cameras to start rolling. 
The actor stepped out Wednesday afternoon in Burbank, Calif. to start recording his latest big screen comedy
Wearing a light blue shirt, beige pants, slicked-back hair and also a noticeable tan, Hill's outfit made it seem that he gained several pounds for his new movie role. Others, however, started to suppose that the funnyman was only wearing a fat suit for his latest gig
Whatever the case may be, Hill is joining up with Miles Teller for Arms and the Dudes, a true story based out of Miami Beach

The film tells the story of 2 guys who scored a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to become weapon suppliers for US.. allies in Afghanistan
Hill and his partner shortly find themselves way over their heads and out of their elements. Because of this, they are going to cause some serious trouble for some other states. 
Arms and the Dudes is based on the 2011 Rolling Stone article by Guy Lawson called "The Stoner Arms Merchants : How Two American Kids Became Big Time Weapon Dealers. "
Hangover and Old School director Todd Phillips is behind the project set for a national release next year.

Could Actually Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Pay Suge Knight’s $10 Million Bail if He Wins Manny Pacquiao Fight?


Suge Knight may be out of jail on bail as early as this weekend if Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins his anticipated boxing bout with Manny Pacquiao, his attorney says.

The 50- year-old Death Row Records co founder has stayed behind bars since he was arrested on Jan. 30 on suspicion of hitting two guys with his pickup truck. He re-entered a plea of not guilty on Thursday to charges of murder, attempted murder and hit and run over the event, in which one man was killed along with the other was injured. His bail was set at $10 million, reduced from $25 million, and his trial is set to begin in July
Matthew Fletcher, Knight's attorney, said if Mayweather wins Saturday's boxing match, he could cover his client's bond, The Los Angeles Times and NBC Los Angeles reported on April 30. The boxing champion has not remarked. Fletcher told the outlets he talked to Mayweather in regards to the problem on Wednesday.

" They're good friends, " Fletcher was quoted as saying. "Suge said, 'Man, I was really going to pull for him to win, but now I will need to pray for him to win'.

With a record of 47-0, Mayweather is the favourite fighter to win the confrontation, dubbed the "fight of the century" 50 Cent recently said he's gambling $16 million on him
Mayweather could be paid up to $180 million for fighting Pacquiao, who would receive more than $100 million, Fox Sports reported in March. Whether he wins or loses, $10 million appears to be small change for Mayweather, who has shown off his massive riches on social media several times. 
The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight takes place at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and will live on pay per view on Saturday, May 2. Coverage commences at 9 pm.. ET / 6 pm.. PT and the main fight is anticipated to begin at least a couple of hours afterwards. 


Miranda Lambert At Last Poses for ‘People’ With No Cosmetics On After Having Buried Her Fears !


Lambert may seem like a tough lady, but she was absolutely frightened to go without make-up on the latest front page of People. We aren't sure why, thoughshe killed it! 

The beautiful country singer disclosed that merely the thought of doing the makeup -less shoot was frightening. In an interview with KFROG 951 and 929 prior to her set at the Stagecoach Music Festival this past weekend, the "Little Red Wagon" vocalist talked about going sans make-up. 

" It was a frightful thing to do for sure" she said. " Frankly, I wish I had done it when I was 21 and not 31. Now the bonus is that I can wear no make-up because everybody has already seen it! 

In her People Magazine interview, she said the picture shows how she looks at home. She says she wears little makeup outside of "some tinted moisturizer and sunscreen and mascara. And lip gloss! It is kind of an addiction "

She also disclosed that she keeps a glam squad on call for red carpet events, but does her own hair and makeup on tour. "I 've a makeup tote the size of Texas- merely make-up and hair material and curling irons" she said

Check out Lamberts 's makeup-free look, below. Stunning!

Miranda Lambert without makeup

Candace Cameron Bure Sports Brand New Hairstyle Ahead of ‘Full House’ Spinoff

2016/06/Blog/Candace Cameron Bure.jpg

Candace Cameron Bure is sporting a brand new, shorter hairstyle these days- leading Full House fans to speculate that DJ.. Tanner may have a shorter hair style than she used to, when she appears in the show's spinoff, Fuller House.

 Based on a report from People, that spinoff means DJ.. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler will soon appreciate that best friend status- one the performers who played these roles have kept in the years since Full House ended -once again. Jodie Sweetin returns as well as Stephanie Tanner.

With a somewhat cryptic message, Candace Cameron Bure posted a picture of her new hairstyle via Instagram late last week.

 Often you gotta cut off what's dragging you down so it grows back more powerful. #lifelesson #shorthairdontcare" she captioned the photo. 

The new design is indeed a very flattering one for Candace Cameron Bure, whose previous hairstyle was pretty, but dated -and sort of brought the celebrity 's youthful facial features down.

 People magazine does say they trust Candace Cameron Bure never gets caught wearing DJ.. Tanner bangs the in the same way she rocked them during her Full House years. The publication-as well as any old buffs – speculate she probably used many cans of Aqua Net in order to attain that 90s signature style. 

 What is your take on the new hairstyle Candace Cameron Bure is sporting nowadays? Do you presume it is representative of the design D.J. Tanner will wear when appearing on Fuller House.

Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of the show, that will feature Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, and John Stamos along with Candace Cameron Bure.

 Will you be tuning in to see the old Full House gang?

Julia Roberts And Amal Clooney At Each Other’s Throats Amid Cheating Allegations


Julia Roberts and George Clooney have clearly been great friends for many years, but a new report is claiming the megastars have stepped out of the friend zone and into cheating territory.




Clooney was married to human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin in 2013, while Roberts has been married since 2002 to cinematographer Daniel Moder. With Julia and George having publically revealed the connection they have with eachother, the rumors are extremely hard to dismiss. It is often reported that Amal has been feeling showing her insecurities about the way George behaves around Julia. She has been feeling as though Julia is more significant to George than her.


Clooney has a lengthy history of not settling down and sources say that "Amal considers that there is only room for one woman in [his] life." It's not possible for Amal to compete with George with the long history of Julia and she is prepared for divorce – a $220 million divorce, that is.





Alamuddin, 38, and Roberts, 48,have since been at each other's throats. "Amal is entirely over watching her husband cozy up to Julia."


Could It Be Possible? Julia Roberts Waving Goodbye To Her Film Career!


Julia Roberts found fame on the big screen, but seemingly she’s ready to trade in movies for television.

An insider just disclosed the Erin Brockovich celebrity is in final talks with American Crime Story supervisor Ryan Murphy, who desires her to star in a new production.



“Julia is seriously pulled to the role, which would see her cast as former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco,” revealed the insider of the part based on the politician who was greatly criticized for how she handled the Hurricane Katrina calamity in 2005.

“Ryan is keen to offer a bold new take on the disaster, and he can’t think of anyone better than Julia to do it,” continued the source.

“He’s been wooing her for a very long time, telling her it’s the perfect chance for her to do some impactful TV.”

The two powerhouses are now “working out the financial provisions” of the deal, but Roberts, 48, is “extremely interested” in the job and will probably sign on.



“Plus, her schedule has already opened up to allow for a drawn-out and likely place-based creation in the second half of the year,” included the insider.

Longest Divorce Ever! Why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Still Aren’t Divorced After A Year


Exactly one year ago today, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced they were splitting after 10 years of marriage. Make that 11 I suppose.

Sooo we are waiting…



Despite the debilitating times encircling the split, the couple has somehow remained amicable through the year, traveling and even living together as a family. As of their 11th anniversary on Wednesday, no divorce paperwork seems to have been filed…

An associate of Garner's says that "Ben still does not desire the divorce" but that Garner has denied reconcilation rumors to pals. She "doesn't seem to mind at all that [the divorce] is not finalized," but "she appears determined about going through with it," the friend says. Prove it Jennifer…

Affleck and Garner spent a month in Europe with their kids – Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Samuel, 4 – while he filmed Justice League, including a family holiday to Paris. Doesn't sound much like a divorce to us, however they are not quite at the Paltrow-Martin level yet.

"She did have the greatest time in Europe with Ben and the kids," says her friend. "She seemed to appreciate spending time with Ben again."

Actually, it must be the charm of his gargatuan head.



"They have lots of admiration and esteem for each other," adds a source close to the couple.

The couple are continuing to stay together at their family house when they are both in L.A. as Affleck flies back and forth to London for filming.

Another source close to the couple reported lately that "nothing has changed" in the relationship: "They're still all about putting the kids first."