Sleep Better With These 3 Tips!


Having troubles sleeping because you keep tossing and turning in bed? Can’t get your mind to calm down to catch those Zs? Well, try these 3 suggestions that will help you sleep better! Just like diet and exercise, sleeping is important to one’s body so don’t skip out on having a good night’s sleep.
1. Get rid of the extra bedding on your bed

Although it’s comfy and cozy to surround yourself with additional blankets and pillows, think about getting rid of some of those bedding. The sleep experts have spoken and they say that the best temperature to get a solid 8 hours of sleep is to sleep on the cooler side, say around 60 to 67 degrees.
2. Exercise in the morning

When you’re sleep deprived, waking up early to head to the gym probably doesn’t sound so fun. But studies have proven that if the first thing you do in the morning is exercise, you could reduce your blood pressure, which in turn will allow you to sleep more restfully at night.
3. Do some yoga before you sleep

According to a survey done, people who do some yoga before heading to bed sleep better. Not only does yoga reduce stress, but it also clears your mind.

Try Out These 5 Suggestions The Next Time You’re Snowed In


What do you do on snow days that you just don’t want to leave your house?
Sure it’s always great to just relax in front of your TV with a cozy blanket, thick socks, a warm drink and not a care in the world, but why not try one or more of the following suggestions the next time you’re snowed in!
1. Warm yourself up by breaking a sweat.

Although skipping the gym because of snow is a good excuse to bail out of your workout for the day, you don’t have to! Why not work out your entire body in your living room? Try for 20-minutes the following exercises: high knee jumps, squats and planks. By partaking in short, but high-intensity, workouts, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well strengthen up your muscles and bones.
2. Do some cooking!

Sound like a chore? Well don’t treat it as one! Instead, try cooking up a hearty recipe that requires a few hours to cook, a dish you wouldn’t normally cook on a work day! Something like a crock pot soup would be ideal for the day since nothing says better than warming up with some delicious hot soup.
3. Nap for a bit.

Take advantage of having a free day by doing absolutely nothing other than catching up on your Zs!
4. Play some board games to pass the time

Exercise your brain with some board games! Gather your family members or friends and play a game that will make the day go by fast! Not only are you spending some quality time with close ones, but research has also suggested that board games is good for cognitive functioning.
5. Do some coloring

Get in with the trend and try some adult coloring. Not only is it relaxing, but it also helps in reducing stress!

Life Got You Down? Eat Some Yogurt!


There have been studies done that tell us that certain types of food have the ability to alter your mood, but new research has shown that yogurt may have the ability to cure depression.
Research done by the University of Virginia has shown that when fed yogurt – mice with behavior similar to depression, have their behaviors reversed. The research goes into detail by saying that the amount of bacteria contained in our stomachs has the ability to alter our mental health. To add to that fact, it has been revealed that those with poor diets are more likely to become depressed.

It has been said that over 300 million of the worlds population may suffer from depression, making it the leader in the category of disabilities. With that said, if there was confirmation that yogurt has the ability to cure yogurt, there would be less of a need for numerous expensive pharmaceuticals and instead people could consume yogurt.
Researchers have concluded that there isn’t enough research done on the subject to make a conclusion, but believe that they are on the right track towards coming up with a better solution to depression. With numerous factors going into what actually causes someone to become depressed, they’re finding it hard to make a single cure-all at the moment.

For now, these researchers suggest that yogurt should be eaten by everyone, regardless of their mental state.

Follow The Life Of A Younger Sheldon In ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Prequel TV Series


Fans of the popular show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ were ecstatic when they found out that the series was going to be renewed for at least two more seasons. Well, hang onto your horses cause you’re going to freak out when you hear the latest news for the TV show!

The show’s beloved character, Sheldon Cooper, will be getting his own spin off series! Well more like a prequel, since the show will follow a young Sheldon as he ventures into high school as a 9-year-old prodigy in Texas.
Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will be narrating the new show from the perspective of his child character as an adult.

Leslie Moonves, CBS executive, provided some hints of what fans can expect for the show in a conference, in which she tells that Sheldon’s family will be “very right-wing” and not really sure or comfortable about dealing with their genius child at home.
As for the cast, Zoe Perry will be playing Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother and Lance Barber will take over the role as Sheldon’s father.

Serving as executive producer will be the ‘Big Bang’s creator, Chuck Lorre, alongside Parsons, producer Todd Spiewak and another ‘Big Bang’ alum.
See the new show when it debuts later this year on CBS!

Title of Upcoming ‘X-Men’ TV Show Adaptation Announced


After seeing much success with the television series adaptation of the comic book series Legion, it’s no wonder why Fox is in full pursuit of bringing the beloved X-Men franchise back to television. With the love of Legion, show creators are looking to bring that success with X-Men.
With the details getting finalized, the producer of the show, Lauren Donner, posted on her Twitter page the final title of the show, “Gifted.”

There hasn’t been any official word as to what the show will involve and if it will have any connection to the storyline of any of the movies, but it has been shared that characters from the comic books will be in the show.
We don’t expect any of the characters from the movies to make a appearance in the show, and for the show to be it’s own entity away from the movies. Maybe the odd reference or two since the universe is shared, but that’s about it. If Legion is any indicator of where they expect to take the show, we expect to be taken on a great ride.

Delena’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Proposal Scene Cut From Finale Episode


We have been robbed of our dreams!

Although fans of the TV show were able to see their favorite couple, Damon and Elena, reunite once again after Nina Dobrev left the show, claiming season six would be her last season of the show, we are sad again!
Why? Because we’ve just learned that a very important scene was cut from the finale! What scene could it be that would get us all upset. Of course the scene where we would see Damon asking Elena to marry him.
Co-creator of the show, Kevin Williamson reveals that there was so much they wanted to include in the finale episode but not enough time. Apparently, the first cut was over the alotted time by 18 minutes. So more cuts had to be made, which of course included the moment where Damon would propose to his love after she finishes medical school.

Williamson exclaims that the point of the scene was to show that Elena became a doctor so they decided to just put her charater in scrubs and cut the whole scene altogether. Excuse me, what? I’m sure there was something bigger happening in that scene other than Elena becoming a doctor!
Well despite not getting the perfect ‘Delena’ proposal ending, fans can’t be disappointed with the ending since they did get what they wanted – a Damon and Elena ending, where they got to spend their human lives together until their deaths.

Ed Sheeran Will Make an Appearance in Game of Thrones

Creators of the show have recently announced that Ed Sheeran will be making an appearance in the upcoming season of the show.
Returning to the airwaves in July, the creators, David Benioff and DB Weiss, shared the news during an interview done at SXSW over the weekend. Once the news was properly announced by the creators, Sheeran took to Twitter to confirm the news.

When Benioff and Weiss were speaking at a panel at the festival where they shared that getting Sheeran on the show was something in the works for quite some time. The reasoning for trying to get the musician on the show, was because Maisie Williams, an actress on the show, was a superfan of Sheeran and they really wanted to surprise her.

Benioff and Weiss didn’t discuss to what capacity Sheeran would be on the show, and remain tight lipped about his role. Guess we will have to wait patiently until the show comes back later this summer. We can’t wait!

Emma Watson Invites ‘Harry Potter’ Cast To Upcoming Film Screening


They acted together when they were just children in a film that would become a hit film series and mark the beginning of their journey to success back in 2001, so you could assume they would be a tight knit group.

Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her upcoming anticipated movie, “Beauty and the Beast”, Emma Watson was asked whether or not she still regularly contacts Daniel Radcliffe, a fellow co-star back in her “Harry Potter” days.
The actress replies that they actually have a WhatsApp group in which they communicate through since all of them are busy with their careers.
Watson explains that through WhatsApp, she invited her “Harry Potter” co-stars and the main cast of the film to the screening of her upcoming film.

Being supportive friends, Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, and Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” films, were there to attend the Los Angeles screening of “Beauty of the Beast”.
Watson goes on to exclaim that getting the whole cast together in one city is rather difficult. She compares it to like playing Pokemon, as she’s trying to “catch them all.”

Let’s hope a Harry Potter reunion happens at the premiere for “Beauty and the Beast” because that would be all epicness!

Alison Brie and Dave Franco Confirm Marriage

The pair have finally gotten married!
The news of the two making it official has been confirmed by each of their representatives.

Announcing that they were engaged back in the summer of the 2015, the couple had been dating since back in 2012. The pair were great at keeping their relationship on the low, and stayed out of the public eye. Although there were rumors that something was going on between the two, it was James Franco, the brother of Dave, that had announced on social media that the two were actually engaged.

In an interview of a red carpet movie premiere, Franco had revealed that he wasn’t at all into the planning of his wedding. Making jokes about planning to elope, he had shared that he wasn’t into big weddings and was looking for something small and simple.

Ben Affleck Fresh Out of Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

According to a post he made on his Facebook account, Ben Affleck has recently announced that he’s fresh out of rehab for his addiction to alcohol. In his statement he talks about how it has been a struggle that he’s dealt with for numerous years, and something that he still isn’t over, but is willing to continue working at until he overcomes it fully.
Affleck goes on to state that it was the continuing support of his family and friends that kept him going, and has a mention to the mother of his kids, Jennifer Garner, who is still a staple in his life, despite how their relationship has gone over the past two years. He wants people, but his kids especially, that you shouldn’t be ashamed to get help for the problems in your life, and to always make an effort to at least try.

A source close to Affleck had revealed that the actor was completely sober at this years Academy Awards, as he had brought a close friend with him to the event to keep an eye on him. “He’s out of rehab and feeling great,” the source shared. “Alcohol has always been a part of Ben’s life, and it’s something that he has always struggled with. He doesn’t want to hide that fact and wants his family to know that, which was the reasoning behind making the announcement himself.”
This isn’t the first time that Affleck has checked into rehab, as there was a period back in 2001 that he checked himself in, but the reasons are still unknown.